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The body is built to self-heal. Our modern lifestyles and toxic medicines have suppressed the body's main self-healing organ, the immune system. However, if we administer the correct therapies and create a healing environment to live and work in, the body will quickly remember how to heal.

Heathar Shepard

I’m Heathar,

Chef knife in one hand, homeopathy kit in the other - Heathar's approach to healing, education and food have a primal, 'rogue' element - ingredients Heathar finds necessary when it comes to health and healing.

Weather you book a homeopathic session with Heathar or decide to take one of her professional holistic health courses, your health, life and the way you think about these elements will never be the same.


Ancestral Health Certification

An on-line, self-paced course teaching you how to be a professionally trained Ancestral Health Practitioner.

When I was healing my TBI, I went to every holistic health practitioner imaginable, chiropractic, acupuncture, energy medicine, reiki, cranisacral, Shamanistic soul retrevials...

Bottomline, I was ALWAYS left disappointed as zero improvements  were ever made (and sometimes I even felt worse than I did going into the session).

After almost a decade of one unsuccessful health practitioner after the other, I learned how to heal my TBI using sunlight and ancestral foods and have been using this same approach with my clients for the past 15 years.

The Ancestral Health Certification program teaches you everything the Naturopathic world neglects (or makes incredibly confusing), everything the Functional medicine world has no idea about and everything the allopathic world will never understand or take seriously.

The AHC teaches you everything you need to know to help your clients rectify root causes of their chronic disease struggles using a truly holistic approach.

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Homeopathic Medicine

Heathar is a professionally trained classical homeopathic practitioner. She works with people all over the world to help them overcome acute and chronic health struggles.

During your initial homeopathic session, Heathar will pinpoint root causes of your health struggles and will outline a proactive homeopathic strategy  to target and remove these root causes.

Heathar Shepard

The Sunlight Rx

Learn how to use the sun therapeutically by learning Heathar's 4 Step Sunlight Rx protocol.

Heathar first discovered the healing potential of sunlight when she was searching for a holistic healing modality to help heal her TBI. As she experimented with various sunlight spectrums, she experienced an improvement in over 90% of her symptoms, just by learning how to use sunlight therapeutically.

As a result of her success, and that of her clients over the past decade struggling with everything from gut health issues, cancer and histamine intolerance to autoimmunity, Rx medication toxicity, chronic fatigue, insomnia, hormonal imbalance and more, she published The Sunlight Rx eBook so others can learn how to reap the healing benefits of sunlight.


The Primal Pioneer Podcast

An eye-opening, no-nonsense podcast to help you prevent and overcome chronic disease using nature's medicine kit: ancestral foods, sunlight and homeopathic medicine.

Heathar Shepard - The Primal Podcast -

Study Classical Homeopathy with Heathar

Heathar's Practitioner Training courses teach you how to be an effective, professional and well respected classically trained homeopath. The PT course is a live course, it is not prerecorded, and includes everything from the basics of homeopathy to treating chronic conditions as well as a diverse array of clinical experience.