Hi Im Heathar - https://heatharshepard.com/
Hi I'm Heathar - https://heatharshepard.com/


That 99+% of all doctors tend to overlook!

I’ve always wanted to help people heal. It took 2 things to make that happen:

Healing myself & learning how to access the root of disease

#mitochondriac + #sunlightrx = #healingbreakthroughs

At the age of 15, I lost my grandmother to cancer. As I watched her struggle with her conventional treatments, I witnessed a deep sense of pain and powerlessness that she felt around her treatment options, around a disease our culture has taught us to fear like the plague. As I saw the toxicity overtake her body, I knew there had to be a better, more effective, more integrative approach to healing than what my grandmother experienced.

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After experiencing this heart-wrenching loss, I was determined to discover integrative, uplifting, and effective healing modalities available to me so I could lead the healthiest life possible. I wanted to be able to make empowering decisions around my health that I knew would support my healing process - so I could confidently say no to antibiotics and prescription drugs, so I could feel self-assured in my holistic medical treatment decisions, so I could lead a long, healthy life rooted in longevity, so I could learn to die young as late as possible.

Learning how to master this has allowed me to live the healthiest life possible AND has helped me teach others how to do the same!

Before I became an integrative healer, I had to experience a few things…a BA in nutritional science, a 4-years masters education in alternative medicine, a 7-year apprenticeship in frequency healing and…a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury).

Just shy of a month after my 23rd birthday I was driving to work, lost control of my car and split a telephone pole in two. Welcome, biggest teacher of my life, Hello TBI.

After my TBI, I utilized conventional medicine to make sure all my scans were clear - they were. But, I didn’t feel clear or A OK in my body. I felt 100% like a hot mess. My body was in serious trauma mode. Whenever I stepped on the earth, pain would shoot up to my brain. I went from being a physically fit, active human being to being…sedentary, in serious pain and unable to perform daily activities. The thing is, I appeared “normal” from the outside so when I shared my pain with people, they rarely took me seriously!

Heathar Shepard

Life had thrown me into a big healing crisis
and I was on a mission to HEAL!


When I tell you I tried everything under the sun (except THE SUN LOL) to heal my TBI, that is no lie. For 10+ years I struggled with healing my brain. Some things I tried gave me a little support - maybe - but never offered lasting relief. At the age of 32, having given this healing thing a 10-year GO, I thought I would have to live with the side effects of my TBI for the rest of my life - hard core anxiety, leaky gut, migraine headaches, sun sensitivity, low energy, poor sleep. You could say after years of giving it my all, I was more than ready to throw in the towel and leave it at that.

But just as I was about to give up, three key pieces entered my life:

1. How to heal the brain, gut, mitochondria and body by utilizing frequency medicine

2. How to utilize the healing powers of the sun to heal my brain, gut, mitochondria and body

3. What foods and eating cycles support mitochondrial health and healing (the brain has one of the highest concentrations of mitochondria —> mitochondria = how you produce energy, how you regenerate your cells, how you heal, how you sleep, how much water your cells make. To say it’s an important part of healing - especially when it comes to the brain - is a BIG understatement!)

So, I went to work healing my mitochondria and became a #mitochondriac smiley flexsun

3-months in, sleep started to improve…BIG TIME

4-months in, energy levels increased, sun sensitivity completely gone

6-months in, leaky gut healed, migraine headaches gone, vision improved (I wasn’t even trying to up my vision game!)

I literally improved my health more in 6-months (now I’m up to 6 years and counting!) than I had in the first 10 years post my TBI.

All I needed, were the right tools to get me there!

When it comes to your health, it’s not about working harder; it’s not about getting test after test after test to death; it’s not about being rigid about your healing, it’s not about counting macros, it’s not about doing cross-fit like a maniac or buying a mini trampoline to move your lymph. Quite the opposite actually!

When I let go of all the should’s around how to heal - - what healing modalities I should be doing, what healing should look like, what my daily life should be like to support my health - when I trashed all of that and started to learn about the modalities and approaches to healing that do matter and stopped focusing in on the one’s that don’t matter, that’s when I began to have my healing breakthroughs.


For the first time since my accident, I felt like I had my health back and that it was only going to get better and better from here on out (and it is)!

When you let go of the old picture of what you’re healing should entail and should look like, when you stop fighting with yourself for not feeling better quicker, when you’re able to open the door of your life, your world, your health to new possibilities - this is when the healing breakthroughs happen.

You see, when I was 14, I knew I was going to help people heal. But, to really be the effective, successful, forward moving healer I’m here to be, I first had to heal myself!

Through my healing work and offerings, not only have I SIGNIFICANTLY stepped up my personal healing game, but I have helped hundreds of people approach conditions that are “incurable” - in the eyes of allopathic medicine - successfully using an integrative approach. Leaky gut, gut autoimmunity, hormonal disorders, T2D, cancer, Psoriasis, parasites, C.diff, autoimmunity, sleep apnea, radiation toxicity…the list goes on. My personal healing journey + my 12+ years of integrative medicine education has allowed me to heal myself AND help others approach their health in transformative ways - in ways that access root causes of chronic, mitochondrial diseases today.

Heathar Shepard tools - https://heatharshepard.com/

I share my healing journey with you all so that you can know that no matter what you’ve tried to help you get well, no matter how long you’ve been trying and no matter what disease or condition you struggle with, no matter what any doctor or family member or partner has told you - there are answers to your health struggles. There are always answers, there is always a solution! You do not have to suffer in your illness.

I share my healing story with you so that you can know what is possible for YOU when it comes to the health that you desire!

You are NOT a number. You are NOT a statistic. You are a unique individual, on your own healing journey, with your own healing mission.

All you need is the right tools in place
to help get you there!

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Sunlight Rx Bootcamp


A Healing intensive for those seeking vibrant health The Sunlight Rx Bootcamp isn’t a fufu mani pedi kind of experience. It’s a super charged deep dive into the health transformations you’ve been longing for. This transformative Bootcamp is purposefully designed to help you attain the health results that you’ve been struggling with, likely for years - no matter how many diets you’ve tried, how many supplements you’ve taken or which specialists you’ve seen!

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1:1 Integrative Health Coaching


Most people come to me seeking SOS help with their health after they’re tried multiple different health care practitioners, diets, supplements and protocols with little to no real, lasting improvement. My integrative health coaching will help. Why?!? Becasue I’m going to help you access the root of your health and healing struggles by teaching you how to improve your mitochondrial function so you can become a healing machine!