Jen & Heathar | 4.16.22

Homeopathic Practitioner.
Author of The Sunlight Rx.

When Heathar isn't teaching or seeing clients, you can find her outside getting her Sunlight Rx on, milking her cow or hiking in the back hills of Northern New Mexico.

The Sunlight Rx. Homeopathic Medicine. Homesteader.

Heathar is an inspiring natural healer and a certified Ancestral Health practitioner. Her approach to healing is natural and undoubtedly effective emphasizing removing root causes of illness, a reconnection with nature and eating fresh, local foods.

Her recipes celebrate our ancestral foods heritage inspiring a reconnection with nature, seasons and sunlight.

Heathar's approach to healing and food will make you feel vibrant and wild. Whether you work 1-on-1 with Heathar, study with her, or indulge in her weekly Primal Pioneer podcast, your health, food choices and way of life will improve for the better.

Heathar's Personal Healing Journey

Heathar's homesteader roots run deep. She was born and raised on a farm in rural upstate New York. Her father, an avid hunter and outdoorsman. Her mom, quite likely the most nourishing soul on the planet.

Heathar can’t remember a single meal during her childhood - outside of the occasional restaurant experience - that wasn’t made from scratch. While her peers ate boxed cereal and doughnuts for breakfast, Heathar’s mom took a more nourishing, slow foods approach - cast iron skillet omelets, sausage patties and homemade pancakes with real maple syrup - these were the norm in the Shepard household.

Half homesteader life, half athlete life. Heathar excelled at sports winning accolades and state championships throughout her high school career. She was born with a naturally competitive, primal and passionate edge. Hard work, dedication, a leader on the court, an ally you wanted on your team. At only 5’0 tall, Heathar won a full ride scholarship to play division I basketball in Alabama. She was the point guard, the coach on the court, the leader, the shortest player in the history of division I basketball at the time.

From athlete to healer...

Soon after college, Heathar’s life took a huge turn from athlete to healer. 

After college, Heathar accepted a job training and customizing nutrition plans for professional athletes. At the time, this was her dream job as she was training all the professional athletes that she had once looked up to throughout her high school and college career.

One rainy, dreary February morning, Heathar was driving to work and lost control of her car. She hit a telephone pole, split it in two, smashed her head on the steering wheel and was knocked unconscious. That was when everything changed.

Heathar suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury). In her case, this amounted to a really bad concussion that lasted not days or weeks but years. Migraine headaches, photophobia, insomnia, vertigo and this weird tingling sensation in her head were all the new normal. She couldn’t engage in the physical activities that had been the epicenter of her life up until the car crash, let alone lead a professional athlete through a vigorous workout regimen. Although her CAT scans, MRI’s and other allopathic tests checked out just fine, she certainly didn’t feel fine.

Becoming a healer: Trial by Fire

For over a decade after her TBI, Heathar tried every modality known to the alternative medical world to try and find relief from her brain fog, migraines, vertigo, chronic fatigue and poor sleep - all of which decided to stick around for over 10 years after the accident. Heathar continued to come up empty handed with her brain healing - every modality she tried, another disappointment tagged along with it. So, she took matters into her own hands - she wanted to discover the root of her healing blocks and how to overcome them.

Heathar attended a 4-year masters program in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and then a 3.5 year masters program in homeopathic medicine. Deeper understandings around her TBI, as well as health and disease in general, started to become clear. Heathar was starting to improve, finally. But, there was still a final piece to her healing puzzle left to be discovered…

The Sunlight Rx: How Heathar discovered the connection between sunlight and health

By happenstance, Heathar started to hear through the grapevine the healing properties of sunlight. She had been eating an ancestral diet for the past decade, just started homeopathic care and was making impressive headway with her healing all while simultaneously working as a nutritionist with her private clients.

Up until this point, she had yet to consider sunlight as a nutrient that her and her clients might be deficient in.

Turns out, Heathar was highly deficient in sunlight. And, so were her clients.

After a few months of experimenting with sunlight therapy to heal her brain - and experiencing dramatic improvements in her health and TBI symptoms - she started teaching her private clients how to use the sun to support their health. While sunlight was dramatically healing to her brain, she wanted to see if this practice could benefit other aspects of health as well.

The results for her clients were equally as impressive.

Today, Heathar is able to lead a healthy, active and fulfilling lifestyle as a result of homeopathic medicine, eating an ancestral diet combined with spending as much of her day outside in sunlight, practicing The Sunlight Rx.

While an ancestral diet is a core path to health, we have forgotten the great importance of sunlight as a path to health, longevity and vitality as well.

For the past 13 years, Heathar has been helping people overcome root causes of their health struggles using a combination of classical homeopathy, ancestral diet practices and sunlight with remarkable results.

Jen & Heathar | 4.16.22

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The Ancestral Health Certification Program

Heathar's approach to healing and food have a primal, 'rogue' element - ingredients Heathar finds necessary when it comes to health and healing. Heathar's Ancestral health Certification program teaches you how to use sunlight, food and nature to help your clients and patients prevent and recover from root causes of their health issues.