Ancestral Diet Plans

Individualized diet plans based on ancient wisdom

Heathar Shepard

Your food choices have the ability to make or break your health.

When you make the best food choices for your body, you feel better, have more energy, your body’s healing potential exponentially increases and you’re able to show up for the things, people and work that you love on a consistent basis.

Chronic disease was an anomaly a century ago.
Today, if you don’t have a chronic disease, you’re considered the anomaly.

With endless food and nutrition information at our fingertips via blogs, Google searches and podcasts, you’d think we’d know the exact roadmap to perfect health.

But, we don’t.

Despite the vast ocean of nutrition and health information available to us, people are struggling to find supportive and accurate information. People leave their Google searches feeling depleted and confused.

Most people have tried various diets — Keto, Paleo, vegetarian, fruititarian, fasting, API, carnivore — yet they continue to struggle with the same health issues. They follow all the instructions and yet still, their results lead them to dead ends and the need to restart their healing journey.

 Here’s the deal 

There are two key foundational elements to attaining true health:

• Ancestral foods
• Individualization

Ancestral Foods

Eating an ancestral foods diet means eating real food, rich in bioavailable nutrients produced from the animals and plants that have been raised in the purest ways on this earth — under sunlight, grazing on grass and swimming in the ocean.

Today, many of the foods we eat are not only hard on the digestive tract, preventing our cells from absorbing and assimilating the nutrients in our food, but the foods we eat are also lacking in vital nutrients that fuel every aspect of our biology — vitamins A, D, K2, high octane protein, trace minerals and fatty acids.

In order to succeed with our health goals, we need to eat a diet that will actually get us the end goal we’re striving for — radiant health. This success is rooted in eating the foods our ancient ancestors consumed and thrived on.

Eggplant and Tomato Curry
salmon asparagus


Eating a diet tailored to your individual metabolic, constitutional and personal health needs is crucial in achieving optimal health. Google cannot do this for you. Nor can any current diet book or online diet service.

Heathar personalizes each individual’s plan to their health goals, needs and desires — taking into account the individualistic nature of your body, constitution and past health history.


Getting Started with your Ancestral Diet Plan

For the past decade, Heathar has been developing individualized Ancestral Diet Plans to help prevent chronic diseases and overcome health conditions including: cancer, leaky gut, type II diabetes, hormonal imbalances, chemo and radiation detoxification, C.diff, vaccine injury, Lyme, autoimmunity, Crohn’s, colitis, IBS, insomnia and chronic fatigue.

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Each Ancestral Diet Plan includes

  • Blood work analysis
  • Stool test analysis (when applicable)
  • Complete health evaluation
  • Assessment of the work & home environment
  • Past health history intake
  • Supplement and/or prescription Rx evaluation & modification
  • Review of emotional wellness concerns & goals

What your Ancestral Diet Plan Includes

  • 2 x 60 minute phone consultations
  • Individualized Ancestral Diet Plan
  • Natural & holistic recommendations to improve lab work imbalances
  • Food-grade supplement plan
  • Meal plan outline
  • Access to Heathar’s cooking class video library
  • Gut health restoration & support plan
  • 1 year access to Heathar’s private clients Facebook group (where you can ask all of your on-going diet + nutrition questions)

Book your Ancestral Diet Plan

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Once you sign up for your Ancestral Diet Plan, Heathar will email you within 24 hours to schedule your initial call. If you have any questions about getting started with your individualized ancestral diet plan, please email Heathar at anytime.



Heathar explained what was happening and what I needed to do to turn my health around. No doctor had ever told me how important a healthy gut is. She started me on a healing plan to deal specifically with removing pathogenic bacteria and increasing the numbers of the beneficial bacteria.

I began to feel better within a month and I was no longer sick all the time. Heathar was there whenever I needed clarity or questions answered. She enlightened me on how important it is to have a healthy gut for good health. No doctor had ever told me that! I was feeling so much better, I couldn’t believe it!

I am so grateful for Heathar’s help. I would never have found a resolution to my problems staying on the path I was on. I didn’t know how bad I felt until I felt 200% better! I would highly recommend Heathar as a guide through whatever illness you may be experiencing. She will totally change the way you view and approach good health!

Pam Bitner, Lakeview, Arkansas

Pam Bitner, Lakeview, Arkansas