Ancestral Health Certification in Person Master Class

An in person education teaching you how to create customized healing programs using food + sunlight


The in person Ancestral Health Certification (AHC) course is a 3-day master class teaching you how to create customized healing plans for your clients using food and sunlight.

The course will be taught outside, in nature, on Heathar's 5 acre homestead farm. Students will be immersed in the natural world in the exact environment you'll be teaching your clients how to incorporate into their lifestyle as a main pathway to health.


In person Ancestral Health Certification Dates: June 28th-30th 2024

Master Class Schedule
6.28.24-6.30.24 11am-5:30pm

Heathar Shepard

1. Day 1: Sunlight

During day 1 of the master class, Heathar will take you on a deep dive with regard to root causes of disease, why we get sick and how the combination of food + sunlight can prevent and rectify chronic disease. You'll also learn The Sunlight Rx, how to individuate sunlight therapy protocols for your clients and how to support circadian health using sunlight. Heathar will also cover indoor light hygiene, seasonal Sunlight Rx guidelines and, this will be taught all while outside under sunlight so students are fully immersed in the learning process.

Heathar Shepard

2. Day 2: Ancestral Diet

During day 2, Heathar will take you on a deep dive into what Heathar calls, the OG (original) Ancestral Diet. You'll learn the importance of meal timing practices, optimal fasting, seasonal eating and how to navigate food sensitivities with your clients. Heathar will also dissolve myths around dietary fads as well as supplement use for your clients. By the end of the day, you'll understand how to create customized ancestral diet plans for your clients.

Heathar Shepard

Day 3: How to design ancestral health plans for specific disease conditions

On the last day of the master class, Heathar will address specific conditions including Hashimoto's, cancer, type II diabetes, chronic fatigue, hormonal imbalances and heart disease conditions. She'll discuss how to individuate sunlight + diet healing protocols for each specific population and she'll also discuss detox protocols that can further support the health of your clients. Heathar will also teach you how to read lab work and how to assess labs from a circadian and quantum perspective so you can help support these areas of your clients health as well.

In Person Master Class FAQ's

Q: Will I have access to the on-line version of the AHC course as well if I attend the in person master class?

A: YES! All students who attend the in person master class will also have access to the on-line version of the course to deeper their learning experience and continue their education after the master class.

Q: Can I still obtain certification if I attend the in person master class?

A: YES! To obtain certification in both the on-line and in person version of the AHC, you must submit 3 case studies to Heathar. Heathar feels it an invaluable process to gain first-hand experience in case taking and program development so you are well prepared to help others heal in optimal and effective ways. You will have 12 months from the end of the master class to submit your case studies to Heathar and she will discuss, in detail, how to go about submitting these cases to obtain certification.

Q: Are meals provided at the in person master class?

A: YES! A local and ancestral inspired lunch snack as well as dinner will be included in the master class price. All food will be organic, meats and seafoods will be grass-fed or wild-caught and you can bet the highest quality foods will be offered throughout the master class.

Q: What if I have food sensitivities, will that be a problem?

A: Before you attend the in person master class, Heathar will make sure to address and inquire about any food sensitivities that you may have to make your eating experience a delicious and nourishing one!

Q: What airport do I fly into and where do I stay during the master class?

A: There are several airport options including Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos that you can fly into. Santa Fe and Taos are the closer options yet Albuquerque will likely be the cheapest airfare option. Heathar will provide suggestions with regard to lodging once your spot is reserved for the master class.

Q: What is the cost of the in person master class and are you open to payment plans for the master class?

A: The cost of the in person master class is $4,997USD and YES, Heathar is always open to payment arrangements and will discuss this with you during your interview.

Jen & Heathar | 4.16.22

Ancestral Health Master Class Bonuses


  • Access to the on-line AHC content: 20+ hours of lectures and ancestral health educational content; all students will have lifelong access to all course recordings
  • Ancestral Health Resource List: a culmination of supplements, books, educational materials and products that Heathar uses and recommends to her clients
  • The Sunlight Rx: a copy of Heathar's 4-step protocol teaching you how to use the sun therapeutically
  • Food + Sunlight Protocols for specific diseases including: hypothyroidism, type II diabetes, chronic allergies, cancer, high blood pressure, hormone imbalances, colitis and more
  • A list of food-grade supplements that Heathar recommends, how to take for specific health conditions and which supplement brands to avoid
  • Monthly Q&A calls

Ancestral Health Course Certification

On-line Access to the AHC

In person master class students will also have access to the on-line version of the course. This is a great way to deepen your knowledge as an Ancestral Health Practitioner and to continue your Ancestral Health education process beyond the master class.

Additionally, each month Heathar will add bonus content to help support your training and Ancestral Health practice. Monthly Q&A sessions will also be held for both in person and on-line students.

Monthly videos will include healing important health topics such as, navigating histamine struggles with your clients, recovering from jab injuries, dangers of IUD's, nature's most optimal detox protocols and more.