Ancestral Health Certification

A 5-week course teaching you how to create customized healing programs using food, sunlight and nature


The Ancestral Health Certification (AHC) is a 5-week intensive course teaching you how to create customized health plans for your clients using food, sunlight and nature.

Upon completion, you will be an Ancestral Health Practitioner and will be able to start your own private practice OR can apply your Ancestral Health knowledge and new skill set to up-level your pre-established health practice.


Next Ancestral Health Certification Begins: November 1st 2023

Jen & Heathar | 4.16.22

Ancestral Health Certification Details


  • Self-Paced Learning: Lectures and cooking demos are recorded; all students will have lifelong access to all course recordings
  • Ancestral Health Resource List: a culmination of supplements, books, educational materials and products that Heathar uses and recommends to her clients
  • The Sunlight Rx: a copy of Heathar's 4-step protocol teaching you how to use the sun therapeutically
  • Food + Sunlight Protocols for specific diseases including: hypothyroidism, type II diabetes, chronic allergies, cancer, high blood pressure, hormone imbalances, colitis and more
  • A list of food-grade supplements that Heathar recommends, how to take for specific health conditions and which supplement brands to avoid
  • To obtain certification, you will be required to submit 3 case studies to Heathar (don't worry, she will go over full details with you during the course)
  • Upon completion of the course, Heathar will email or mail you a signed hard copy of your certification
  • Bonus module on Water, Supplements and Minerals
  • Bonus module on how to read bloodwork from a mitochondrial and holistic health standpoint
  • Monthly Q&A calls
  • Access to Heathar's recipes and cooking demos

Course Curriculum

Heathar Shepard

1. Root Causes of Chronic Disease

During week 1 of the course, Heathar will take you on a deep dive with regard to root causes of disease, why we get sick and how the combination of food + sunlight can prevent and rectify chronic disease.

Heathar Shepard

2. The Sunlight Rx

During week 2, Heathar will take you on a deep dive into her 4-step Sunlight Rx protocol. Week 2 includes 4 modules specific to The Sunlight Rx: The Sunlight Rx, Seasonal Guidelines, Safe Sunlight Practices & Dissolving Medical Myths Regarding Sunlight and Indoor Lighting Practices to Support Circadian Biology. These modules will help you deepen your understanding of Sunlight as a therapeutic modality as well as how to prescribe The Sunlight Rx to your clients.

Heathar Shepard

3. The OG Ancestral Diet

The OG Ancestral Diet is what Heathar has found to be the Original Ancestral Diet. While the term Ancestral Diet has become trendy over the past several years, most people have lost touch with what an ancestral diet truly means. Week 3 will include 4 modules: The OG Ancestral Diet, Optimal Fasting, Dietary Fad Cautions and Working with Food Sensitivities.


4. Understanding Symptoms

The key to developing successful dietary and healing protocols for your clients is to understand their symptoms and to be able to translate their symptoms into diagnostic terms. Week 4 includes 3 modules including: Understanding Symptoms, How to Do an Intake and a live recorded intake session to give you first-hand experience of Heathar's intake process.

Homeopathy #4

5. How to Design Ancestral health Plans for Specific Diseases

Once you understand symptoms and the intake process, you are now ready to design customized dietary + sunlight plans for your clients. Week 5 includes several modules that walk you through Heathar's approach to specific disease conditions including: type II diabetes, cancer, hormonal imbalances, insomnia, chronic fatigue, hypothyroidism, Lyme and heart disease. And, how to create customized Ancestral Diet + Sunlight Rx programs for each condition.

Ancestral Health Certification Bonus

Live Cooking Videos

Heathar believes that knowing at least the basics about cooking is foundational to health and healing. When she is faced with a client who refuses to cook or learn how to cook, she considers this a block to healing. As Heathar is known to say, You cannot Postmate your way back to health.

To help support you and your future clients health, Heathar is adding a huge bonus section to the AHC which includes instructive, live cooking videos teaching you how to master the art of cooking healthy and freaking delicious food (it's really not as hard as you think).

Heathar's bonus modules will include: How to Cook Meat & Fish (that tastes good and is good for you); How to Cook Seasonal Veggies; How to Optimize Nutritional Value of your Food with Sauces and Seasonings and much more and how to care for common kitchen materials such as the tried-and-true cast iron skillet.

Heathar will add to her cooking video library every month to help you stay inspired and educated in the kitchen.