How to prevent & overcome every chronic disease today -
How to prevent & overcome every chronic disease today -


That 99+% of all doctors tend to overlook!

Healing intensive bootcamps for those looking to overcome digestive disorders, chronic health conditions & TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury)

This bootcamp will change you. This retreat will change your health. This bootcamp will transform the way you approach your health and healing path for the rest of your life.

Not in a hard, arduous, pill popping, strict fasting, vitamin D mega dosing kind of way - but, in a way that allows you to access and overcome chronic health issues and TBI from a root level.

During your bootcamp, I’ll teach you the most effective, easeful and transformative path to successfully move you towards achieving your long-term health and body goals.


Here’s the thing…if you want to heal a chronic disease or an intense injury like a TBI, you need to change the environment you’re in to support these big health transformations. You cannot fully access the health you desire living in the environment you got sick in. THE KEY to jump starting your healing process, is to get into an environment that supports BIG healing transformations in the least amount of time.

This is why, the Sunlight Rx Bootcamp Intensive Retreats are held in an environment that has strong mitochondrial healing juju behind it. To amplify your healing progress, a core aspect of your Sunlight Rx Bootcamp will teach you how to harness the healing frequencies of the sun, water and natural environment to jump start your body’s engine (AKA your mitochondria) so you can make the progress with your health that you’ve desperately been striving for.

Why is this Bootcamp the answer to your health struggles (even and ESPECIALLY if you’ve tried everything to help you heal with no avail)?!?

The Sunlight Rx Healing Intensive Bootcamp will help you improve your mitochondrial function in the most efficient and effective ways - when you do this single thing - improve your mitochondrial health - chronic disease begins to resolve itself! When your mitochondria are in optimal shape, you cannot get chronic disease #mitohacker #healingsuccess #sunlightrx


The key to health and healing is all about providing your mitochondria with the nourishment it needs to heal and thrive. That’s it! That’s the secret to longevity, health and healing every digestive disorder, TBI and chronic disease.

Heathar Veggies -

Since chronic diseases, gut autoimmunity and TBI leave the mitochondria (your energy battery) in such a severely compromised state, you have to change your environment from a nn-EMF, nn-blue light dominant one to a non-toxic, low to zero EMF, strong solar environment to give your engine the fuel it needs to jump start your healing process.

You can do every diet out there. You can take every supplement and every newfound genetic test, you can see the most sought-out, acclaimed doctors. But, this is only putting your pinky toe in the ocean. Until you can change your environment, you won’t be able to achieve the health you’ve likely been craving and soul searching for, for years.

If I were to sell you supplements and give you a strict diet, I wouldn’t be doing you or your health any real, lasting benefit. I want to see you elevate your health to a state that blows you out of the water. When you experience this during your Sunlight Rx Bootcamp Intensive, you’ll be shocked at just how easeful this journey to health really is and just how successful you can actually be.

During your Bootcamp, I’ll teach you key tools and resources to help jump start your mitochondrial healing potential AND you’ll even be able to implement these elements when you return home YES, everything you learn during your retreat, you’ll be able to apply to your daily life back home.

What we know about chronic disease today…

We know in all gut autoimmunity, TBI’s & chronic conditions that…
There is a high pathogen load in the gut and often throughout the body…
There is currently boat loads of inflammation in the body…
Vitamin D levels are ridiculously low (if you’re taking a vitamin D supplement, this is cheating!)
That mitochondrial health is currently in a state of rapid, premature aging
And…that your circadian biology has tanked

PS you DO NOT have to live with your current symptoms for the rest of your life, no matter what doctor told you so!


The pills and supplements your practitioners prescribe you cannot touch these root causes of disease.

The IR sauna you use cannot get to the heart of gut disorders, TBI’s and chronic diseases (cancer, T2D, MS, autoimmunity, imbalanced hormones…)

The best diet plan in the world cannot get you there…

Bee sting therapy, Biomats (BTW these have a high EMF load!), juice fasting, genetic testing, grounding devices…cannot get you the ultimate health results you desire.

Why? Because these modalities cannot change the way your mitochondria AKA your engine works. And, to heal disease and TBI and gut issues from a root place, improving mitochondrial function is at the heart of the matter. To heal your mitochondria, you need to change your environment. It’s that simple.

During your Bootcamp, I will walk you step-by-step through the process of what it takes and what it looks like to heal your mitochondria so you can jump start your healing process during the retreat AND you’ll know exactly how to continue this healing process when you return home.

PS you DO NOT have to live with your current symptoms for the rest of your life, no matter what doctor told you so!

This Bootcamp is an opportunity for you to:

Transform your health once and for all so you can stop throwing money into the wind at every specialist, new diet and fancy genetic test out there today with minimal return on your healing investment, at best.

Shift your health in profound ways that help re-charge your body’s energy battery…YOUR MITOCHONDRIA

Remember, your health is only as good as your mitochondrial health! #mitochondriac

Poor sleep, chronic fatigue, disrupted mood, maybe even depression, a train wreck of a gut, pathogen overload, MTHFR, Rx toxicity, TBI complications and poor recovery…at the root, ALL of these issues can be traced back to poor mitochondrial health!

This Sunlight Rx Healing Intensive Bootcamps are for those chomping at the bit for a truly transformative health experience! For real this time.


How will I help you transform your health during your Sunlight Rx Healing Intensive Bootcamp?

This is simple…

We’ll mitohack your labs and you’ll have a dietary, lifestyle and your own personal Sunlight Rx plan to help you correct imbalances that you have likely been dealing with for years (if you have a digestive disorder, Hashimoto’s or poor digestion, you’ll do a DNA GI MAP stool test with me before arrival and we’ll dive into those results during your retreat where I’ll provide you with an effective plan regarding how to actually remove those pathogens from your gut and body)! I will create a personalized healing plan for you (before you arrive at the retreat!) and you’ll have your plan in-hand when you arrive to assist you throughout the retreat as well as when you return home (you will literally be able to utilize this plan to facilitate continual forward movement along your healing path for the rest of your life. No joke).

We’ll have 1-on-1 sessions together to discuss your mitochondrial and circadian biology healing plan in great detail.

Everyday, you’ll participate in the Sunlight Rx with me and other Bootcamp members.

Daily movement + meditation sessions will be hosted on site (kiss that Bulletproof coffee goodbye - this daily mind-body practice will help you reduce stress levels and will help get your cortisol levels back on point!)

3 Mitochondrial healing meals per day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) will be provided - you bet these meals will be locally sourced, organic and freshly purchased and prepared - #cleaneating

You will learn how to mitohack your home and work environment to support your healing process (this is one of the MOST OVERLOOKED yet MOST IMPORTANT aspects of achieving successful healing outcomes!).

You’ll learn how to purchase and prepare the foods on your mitochondrial healing diet plan You’ll take a dietary deep dive with informative in-house cooking classes where you’ll learn how to make mitochondrial healing foods.

You’ll participate in eye opening discussions around how you can heal your mitochondria and chronic condition on a daily basis.

You cannot heal in an environment that you got sick in!

The Bootcamp environment is uniquely and specifically designed to help you detox, to help your mitochondria heal and to re-set your circadian biology. For these reasons, the retreat will be scentfree, WiFi free, cell phone free and is located outside of the city limits so your body can truly relax and decompress all the stress you may have arrived with.

This is not a “Here’s your plan and good luck kind of bootcamp!” This is retreat that teaches you how to heal your body and health utilizing the Sunlight Rx, a mitochondrial diet, mitohacking your labs and teaching you how to create a healing work and home environment to support this on-going process.

The Sunlight Rx Healing Intensive Bootcamps will teach you why you got sick on a core level and I’ll teach you how to finally overcome your health struggles without over-supplementing, over-testing or a lifetime of restricted diets, foods and medications.

The Sunlight Rx Healing Intensive Bootcamps are about you learning how to reclaim your health and own your own power around your healing process!


You’ve tried EVERY healing modality out there with little to no lasting success (basically, you’re so over this and you’re desperately ready for real, lasting, effective change with your health!)

You’ve tried autoimmune diets, restrictive diets, grocery bag’s full of supplements, prescription drugs and even high dose cannabis oil - without the progress you need and desire around your health.

Your family no longer takes your health choices seriously - you’re just, “the sick one” in the family that nobody sees or understands.

You’re tired of the struggle, your sick of the confusion around your healing choices and you’re ready for a health breakthrough (yes, this is possible for you)!

You’ve thrown in the towel, you’ve given up on your healing process. You doubt your ability to be well again.

But, I don’t! I know all you need is a healing plan and approach that allows you to access the root of your health struggles so you can truly start to heal and feel well now and long-term!


  • Access to my clients only Facebook group (for a whole year!)
  • 1 follow-up call to go over any questions about your plan once you return home and dive into it on your own turf.
  • $450 discount to future Red Door/radionics work together
  • 100 of my favorite mitochondrial healing recipes
  • A 3-ring binder containing your healing plan which includes: your labs + mitohacks, stool test results + digestive healing treatment plan, mitochondrial diet, Sunlight Rx, home + environment mitochacks and Product Resource List. We will also send this to you electronically in case you need a back-up at any time!
Bootcamp -

Bootcamp Options


March 14th-20th & April 19th-24th

  • This is a 7-day intensive healing retreat
  • (only 5 spots per group retreat to give you the 1-on-1 healing attention you deserve)
  • Interview is required to gain access to this retreat

COST: $5,997


Heather Shepard -


CURRENT AVAILABILITY March 2020 - May 2020

  • This is a 10-day Sunlight Rx Intensive Bootcamp
  • Interview is required to gain access to this retreat
  • Awesome News: Discounts available for couples, partners, family members & teams

COST: $12,997

(Contact Heathar to arrange a payment plan if necessary)

Heathar Shepard intergrative healing -

Hold up...

I want to share with you one thing about my healing experience that may hit home for you…I was healthy as an ox until the age of 23 when I totaled my car and got a TBI. Up until that point, I was an active, high energy kind of person. I tried so, so hard - every diet, every modality, every supplement every day for 12 arduous years trying desperately to get back to my vibrant, fun-loving, active life. What that formula got me was very little progress (in fact, my health actually got worse trying all of those things because many of the practices further depleted my mitochondria!) When I learned how to heal my mitochondria and when I learned how to heal the root of my health struggles, I made more progress in 6 months than I had in 12 years when I finally learned the effective path to health, healing and longevity. And, today, I continue to heal and thrive in my every day life and health!

So, if you think this bootcamp will just be another notch on the healing belt, I’m here to tell you that it won’t. Before you choose to stay on your current path to health, consider this…

The dietary confusion and struggles…the over-supplementation that is likely making you worse, not better…the countless practitioners and testing you keep trying hoping and holding your breath for relief yet feeling let down Every. Single. Time.

You can choose to stay in this place with your health. You can choose to keep showing up in this way.


The Sunlight Rx otcamps are an opportunity for you to change all of that. This is your chance to make a different choice. If you’re ready to change, if you’re ready to do your health differently, this is your opportunity to do so. I don’t want you to stay stuck in your current healing experience. I know what that’s like and it’s beyond frustrating. It’s infuriating.

You cannot heal chronic disease, TBI or gut autoimmunity doing what everyone else does (testing, supplements, strict diet).

You do not get more ease and relief around your health struggles by staying where you are.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results ~Albert Einstein

I don’t want you to repeat the same mistakes anymore. The Sunlight Rx Healing Intensive Bootcamps are how you start to make real, lasting change with your health.

You cannot heal chronic disease, TBI or gut autoimmunity doing what everyone else does (testing, supplements, strict diet).

If you’re ready to experience a different health reality, if you’re truly ready to elevate your health and healing outcomes- then this is your chance to take action and make that change!