Cooking with Fire Master Class

Mastering the art of Paleo BBQ & Cooking with Fire


Join Heathar for a 3-day master class teaching you how to make delicious and nourishing Paleo-style, traditional BBQ.

Cultivate your primal cooking skills, learn to tend your cook fire & eat BBQ that nourishes your soul (and family).


What is Paleo BBQ?

Heathar prides herself in eating the most nourishing foods nature provides. What this means is that her BBQ is free of all the classic modern-day BBQ health pitfalls like smoked pork shoulder on Wonder Bread, corn-syrup laden BBQ sauce and, gasp, treated charcoal and lighter fluid (people actually cook with this stuff - - what in the actual F?!?).

Paleo BBQ always entails the highest quality meats, seafoods and spices. Free of treated charcoal and other chemicals. Just as our ancient ancestors enjoyed.

Jen & Heathar | 4.16.22

Cooking with Fire Master Class Details

The cooking with fire master class will be hosted at Ojo Conejo Farm - Heathar and her wife Jen's 5 acre homestead - in norhtern New Mexico.

The workshop will be held from Noon-5pm each day.

From chopping wood and tending a fire to learning how to cook over coals to understanding how to choose quality cuts of meat - this will be a handson learning experience for all students.

There will be daily Q&A sessions as well as cooking lessons taught by Heathar and all will enjoy a family-style meal at the end of each class.

No need to worry about where your food was sourced from - Heathar's food standard bar is high - all food provided at the master class will be 100% organic, grass-fed and produce will be locally sourced.

There won't be any Wonder Bread, corn syrup, lighter fluid or CAFO raised meat at this cooking class. Sorry, not sorry.

Cooking with Fire Daily Overview

Heathar Shepard

Day 1

During day 1 of your cooking with fire master class, Heathar will teach you how to build your cooking fire, how to use a charcoal chimney and how to make the best tomahawk ribeye with compound butter that you've likely ever tasted.


Day 2

Day two of the cooking with fire master class teaches you how to smoke baby back ribs and pork shoulder (pork carnitas anyone?!?). You will also learn what kind of wood is best for smoking certain meats, how to chop wood for your fire and how to make a killer homemade BBQ sauce.


Day 3

During day 3 of your cooking with fire master class, Heathar will teach you how to spatchcock a chicken and grill it over coals. You'll also learn how to grill romaine lettuce and enjoy with Heathar's infamous homemade caesar salad dressing.

What else will you get by joining the cooking with fire master class?

  • A PDF with 30 of Heathar's favorite ancestral and Paleo inspired recipes
  • Of course, we will all enjoy the fruits of our labor by eating a meal together at the end of each day
  • A PDF of Heathar's Cooking with Smoke Gear List (this includes everything from the type of charcoal she recommends to the types of grills and smokers she cooks with)
  • How to make nourishing side dishes that include local veggies, salad dressings and vegetable-oil-free sauces

Cooking with Fire Master Class


The master class is held at Ojo Conejo farm, a very low EMF environment. There is no WiFi on the property and the use of cell phones will not be permitted during the master class. There is a landline and ethernet internet on site for any emergency needs during the workshop. This low EMF environment helps to protect not only human health but the health of our animals, trees and bees that reside on the property.

With 360 days of sunshine per year at Ojo Conejo, you can bet you'll get a big dose of sunlight rx therapy while at the master class. Another health reboot + reset bonus of the class.