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Heathar Shepard is a classically trained homeopath. Heathar also teaches other aspiring homeopaths to be well educated and effective classical homeopathic practitioners, through her Practitioner Training Program.

If you are unable to work with Heathar, or if you're looking for a classically trained homeopath in your area, the following individuals have completed Heathar's Practitioner Training Program and are offering homeopathic services.


Lindsey Wright, Classical Homeopath, Cleveland, Georgia

Lindsey has a background in psychology, biology, and neuroscience. For the past decade, she has passionately studied many forms of alternative medicine. Lindsey specializes in combining various holistic modalities to help meet the unique healing needs of each individual. When you work with Lindsey, she will outline a clear path to healing root causes of your health struggles. You can book a session with Lindsey, and learn more about her practice at

Laura Kissmann, Classical Homeopath, Carleton Place, Canada 

Laura Kissmann is a Quantum Nutritionist and classical homeopath. She has experience as an Air Force Telecommunications Officer, massage therapist, Access Consciousness Bars Practitioner and EMF consultant. Laura is extremely proud to have trained under Heathar Shepard, who instilled not only the principles of classical homeopathy but primal, ancestral, quantum and common-sense wisdom in approaching dis-ease.  I am excited and honored to join her team of homeopathic consultants. You can learn more about Laura, and book a session with her, right here.

You can also follow Laura on IG @LKWellness and tune into her podcast, Quantum Healthy.


Vanessa Baldwin, Classical Homeopath, Long Island, New York. 

Vanessa Baldwin is a certified Classical Homeopath & Circadian Clinician. She is passionate about helping others overcome their health struggles through holistic healing. Vanessa teaches her clients how to implement effective lifestyle changes that have a huge impact on health. In conjunction, she uses homeopathic medicine to uproot the real root causes of diseases.

Vanessa understands what it’s like to be at the bottom of a health crisis and this allows her to bring a great deal of compassion, empathy & support to her clients. She is a dedicated healer who will support you thoroughly along your healing journey.

You can learn more about Vanessa and her work, right here. Or, find her on IG bright_light_wellness.

You can also tune into Vanessa's Podcast, Cohosted with Heather Crimson (bio listed below), The Quantum Connection

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Heather Crimson, Classical Homeopath, St George, Utah

Heather is a licensed marriage and family therapist with 25 years experience. She now works as a guide for those who are seeking more alignment, ease and joy in their lives using classical homeopathy, circadian biology, attachment and other quantum modalities.

Heather's gift is creating deep safety to explore each client's soul-longings. Collaboratively, she and her client tap into this potent energy to shed mental blocks preventing healing on all levels. Sessions are available in-person in St. George, Utah or virtually. She can be found at

You can learn more about Heather and her work on IG heathercrimson and you can tune into her podcast, cohosted with Vanessa Baldwin (bio listed above), The Quantum Connection.