Frequency Medicine of Radionics & Homeopathy: The Future of Healing

By Heathar Shepard/ July 13, 2020

Hi Im Heathar -

Frequency Medicine of Radionics & Homeopathy:
The Future of Healing

Frequency Medicine

Years ago, Einstein predicted that Frequency medicine will be the medicine of the future. Consider this the future.

While energetic “frequency” modalities and medicines such as homeopathy and radionics have been an integral part of our medicine kit in times past, they have become very distant and even absent relatives of our modern day medicine kits. Today, our in-home medicine cabinets contain Ibuprofen, Ambian, Tylenol, Clariton, Neosporin, Benadryl, athletes foot spray and Rx drugs - all toxic substances that suppress symptoms and drive disease and pathology deeper into the body. 

Suppression is the name of the game when it comes to allopathic medicine.

Overtime, medical “advancements” went from the energetic, herbal, earthly realms to a materialistic, linear dominant focus on bacteria (think Louis Pasteur) and microorganisms as the primary cause of our health struggles. This shift in consciousness around health and healing quickly dismantled ancient, energetic medicines such as homeopathy, radionics, acupuncture, diet and herbal medicines as our main pathways to health and healing. In fact, today, the latter medicines are considered by both western physicians and laypeople as inferior quackery compared to the methods and medicines of allopathy. 

If we can’t see it and if modern science studies and literature fail to champion it, it must be ‘hocus pocus’.

But, today more than ever, we must return to our roots of energetic medicine to remedy our modern ills. And, this is because much of our modern disease epidemics are driven by manmade EMF’s - a form of “unseen” or “nonlinear” energetic pollution that has massive negative implications on our health. However, we’ve not only come to accept this “Smart Grid” way of living but have programmed and planned our every action around modern technology. And, this has made us incognizant and blind of its harmful health effects on a global scale.

Frequency Medicine

It’s my prediction that if we truly want to remedy our modern disease epidemics - driven and exacerbated by manmade EMF’s such as those emitted by WiFi routers, cell towers, cell phones, laptops, Bluetooth, Alexa and all devices connected into a wireless network - then we have to learn how to antidote, clear and remove the health demoting effects that our modern wireless world is creating.

In today’s article, I’m discussing how energetic medicines - particularly homeopathy and radionics - are not only fundamental but crucial practices to consider when it comes to preventing and overcoming modern disease epidemics all of which are perpetuated by the artificial environments we live and work in today. 

There are ways to connect into the internet - Zooming with our clients, FaceTiming with family members, posting on our favorite social media platforms and so forth - that do not cause harm to the body. Some of those possibilities are known today, some are soon to be discovered. Connecting into the world wide web, while protecting health is the foundation of my EMF 101 on-line course. And, it is a very important health-supportive step to move towards as our lifestyles continue to get rerouted from in-person work, schooling and coffee meet-ups to virtual appointments.

To improve our health and healing outcomes and experiences, we must first expand the way we approach and think about medicine and healing. Only then we will allow new forms of healing and modes of healthcare into our reality. 

Energetic medicines and modalities have great potential to transform the way we think about, practice and approach medicine and healthcare. And, they have the ability to transform our allopathic medical model from one of suppression to one of positive progression with our health and healing experiences. 

At this point in history, I believe that our key to health success - - to overcoming the modern day disease epidemics, sky rocketing infertility rates, unprecedented high levels of autism and ever increasing rates of psychosomatic disorders and phobias our culture is inundated with today - is rooted in removing and clearing the energetic assaults that manmade EMF’s have created. 

Until we do so, our healing path will continue to be like treading water. We refer to this state of “treading water” in the alternative medical world as “a block to healing.” Manmade EMF exposure presents a huge block to healing. Keep this in mind as you reflect upon your current state of health and healing experiences - - if you’re struggling to move forward with your health, you just may be bumping up against one of the biggest blocks to healing modern people are faced with today, manmade EMF exposure.

Here are some ways I’ve found energetic modalities to be helpful for overcoming EMF toxicities. I also predict that such energetic modalities will continue to be epoch-making when it comes to overcoming our modern day health crisis.

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Point #1: Homeopathy, Like cures like

Frequency Medicine

In homeopathic medicine, there is a basic law coined by the founder of homeopathy, Dr Samuel Hannaman of, Similia Similibus Curentur or like cures like. With our modern world now bombarded with manmade EMF’s - from cell phones, the hideous presence and growing deployment of cell phone towers, the chronic use of WiFi (which has not been tested on human health BTW) and our use of other wireless tech devices - these have all created an invisible yet exceptionally dangerous amount of EMF smog. Humans, animals, plants and our planet are now swimming in a sea of microwave frequencies (MF) and radio frequencies (RF) on a 24/7 basis and this is a result of our ever growing use and expansion of wireless technology. 

Side Note:

If you’re skeptical of the negative impact that MF’s and RF’s have on human, plant, animal and planetary health - or if you want to deep dive into learning more about this topic - I would highly encourage you to read an eye-opening book, The Invisible Rainbow by Andrew Firstenberg.

This is a life changing read that reveals the rollout of different manmade EMF’s overtime, how each new deployment impacted human health throughout history and even includes 200 pages of research studies in which the book is backed on. 

If we apply Dr Hannaman’s like cures like approach to our current health epidemic crisis, I truly believe we can begin to heal from the very disorders caused and/or made worse by manmade EMF’s. 

For those of you unfamiliar with homeopathy, it is a form of alternative and energetic medicine that has the ability to remove genetic, physical, emotional and energetic pathological blueprints from the body.

Homeopathy takes a very small amount of a substance known to be poisonous, toxic or harmful to health and dilutes it to a state that does not cause harm but actually encourages a movement towards a healthier state.

Frequency Medicine

For example, we know arsenic to be a poisonous carcinogenic substance. However, Arsenicum Album is a classic remedy in homeopathic medicine often used for those who have very possessive qualities, deep seated insecurities and OCD tendencies particularly around order and cleanliness. These are emotional energetic qualities frequently observed in those with cancer.

Another common homeopathic remedy, made from bees and bee venom, is Apis or Apis Mellifica. Homeopathic Apis is an incredible remedy most commonly known for its ability to offset negative reactions from bee stings, insect bites or venomous bites. 

Yet another common homeopathic remedy is Cantharis. Cantharis is derived from the Blister-Beetle or Spanish Fly and is used to treat UTI’s, burning pain in the body and excessive sex drive with violent inflammation of the bladder or sex organs. I have called upon this remedy countless times to help those with burns recover quickly with no sign of scarring and those with painful, burning UTI’s to remedy their situation sans antibiotics.

You can see why our modern, linear, allopathic symptom would disregard, mock and even label homeopathy as dangerous. But, this is complete nonsense and is based on control, money and power. The mockery and inferior mentality pushed and promoted by western medicine on energetic medicines such as homeopathy, is based on fear and ignorance. If the medical doctor curriculum included homeopathic medicine, western drugs would fall by the wayside. Homeopathy and other alternative medicines are a threat to their survival. But, western medicine does not cure any disease. It cannot. When we use medicines and treatment methods that suppress rather than improve health, healing is not possible.

Homeopathic doctors can create homeopathic remedies for any ailment or disorder. This field of alternative medicine is vast, potent and endless. The key to success in using homeopathic medicine is matching a client's physical, emotional and psychological symptom set with the correct remedy or often, remedies.

Since many of our modern health ill’s are driven by manmade EMF exposure - a form of energetic smog and pollution that deteriorates the mitochondria, organs, ATP production capabilities, sleep quality, energy levels, endocrine health and metabolic functionality - part of our treatment strategy must include energetic medicine. 

Remember, like cures like.

For example, homeopathic 5G millimeter wave, homeopathic x-ray (a remedy I use in my life and Radical Health practice when exposed to x-ray frequencies and millimeter wave frequencies), homeopathic MF and RF - these are the Golden Chalice medicines of the future that Einstein intuited would be vital to our health when he stated, Future medicine will be the medicine of frequencies.

Point #2: Radionics, removing energetic fragmentations

Frequency Medicine

Most people have no idea what radionics is. That’s because Monsanto had this practice shunned and even made illegal back in the 1970’s (today, it is no longer illegal).

This happened when artichoke farmers in California were contacted by radionics practitioners to participate in an experiment. The radionics practitioners wanted to see if they could use their radionics devices to keep artichoke-destructive moths off of their plants. 

Many artichoke farmers accepted this invitation with open arms as it meant less money for them to dishout with regard to arduous labor and increased pesticide use on their crops. Many farmers were also hopeful that this could be a healthy, easy way to keep their plants robust, disease-free and absent of pests and moths that are notoriously known to destroy and even ruin entire crops.

The farmers who participated in the radionics experiment had great success in keeping moths and pests off their artichoke plants. They had a successful harvest and were very pleased at the results. There were neighboring farmers who chose not to participate in the experiment however. These farmers did not have the same success with their crops as those participating in the radionics experiment. 

Monsanto got word of this experiment and took the radionics practitioners to court. The practice of radionics, to keep pests off of crops, was an incredible threat to Monsanto and his  Roundup Ready monopoly.

The court ruled in favor of Monsanto and, soon after the trial, militia began breaking into the homes and practices of radionics practitioners burning their rate books, files and destroying their radionics devices to ensure this “dangerous” modality would never be used again.

Radionics is a fascinating and effective energetic modality that has the ability to remove pathological blueprints from the body. 

 In my Radical Health practice, I often utilize radionics to help facilitate the removal of toxins, pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi from the body and to help restore a healthy blueprint in the body. It is exceptional at clearing radiation poisoning and EMF toxicity from the body as well. 

Radionics does not suppress symptoms. This frequency-based modality uses specific rates (similar but not identical to the more popular energetic system known as Rife) to clear and/or antidote specific pathogens or toxins from the body. Each pathogen, toxin and organ has a specific rate assigned to it - just as each human has a particular genetic code unique to them. This is how a radionics device can target the removal of a specific pathogen or toxin. This is also how a radionics device can strengthen the functionality of a specific organ, cell or tissue.

Calling upon energetic modalities such as radionics will be key to overcoming and preventing diseases, disorders and EMF sensitivities all driven by or at the very least amplified by manmade EMF exposure.

Heathar Shepard

Hi, I am Heathar

With over 12 years experience as an alternative healer, integrative health coach and one who has been through severe physical injury trying every remedy under the sun to heal myself with no avail…I’m here to tell you, all of those things are not only attainable but are foundational to achieving optimal health and are core elements to overcoming all chronic and stubborn diseases.

At the age of 23 I suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) preventing me from the ability to engage in physical activity for over 12 years post my car accident. Today, I know I could have recovered from this injury much quicker if I had known then what I know now! But….the accident lead me down the healing path. A path that I was destined to take to help myself heal and to learn how to help others heal complicated and chronic disorders as well.

During this time, I learned two things: How to harness the healing power of sunlight and how to utilize frequency based medicine to facilitate biological transformations in the body - all the way down to the mitochondrial level.

Today, I lead an active life and you can bet I’m uber passionate about teaching others how they can overcome even the most daunting health experiences that most medical professionals have band-aid solutions for, at best.


And today, my health continues to improve each day and I now lead an active, healthy lifestyle - all of which I thought would never be possible to achieve again. All it took was discovering the most effective path to health and healing to get me there and now, to help my clients get there as well!

Energetic Medicine & Your Well-Being

We are energetic beings. Our cells pump out frequencies, which we commonly refer to as energy, every second of the day. We measure the brain wave frequencies using EEG testing. We measure the status of the heart rate using ECG testing. Even western medicine knows we are energetic beings and that the organs of the body produce electrical current.

Disease is a state of diminished electrical current running throughout the body. We know this through the work of Dr Robert O’Becker, Roland Van Winck and Dr Jerry, Tennant among many others.

A true doctor helps their patients get better. And, this doesn’t occur through symptom suppression but by positive progression that moves the patient towards an enhanced state of health.

To truly help guide our bodies back to a state of health, free of dis-ease and free of symptom suppression, we must look to energetic medicines and modalities for the answers. Taking a like cures like approach, as Dr Hannaman did with great success - which many homeopathic doctors are successfully replicating today as well - is an approach that I feel will help us overcome our chronic disease epidemics and heightened environmental and chemical sensitivities all driven and influenced by manmade EMF’s.


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  1. KC on May 29, 2022 at 5:19 am

    Wonderful article and incredible info! I so agree with all you have stated, practiced and experienced. I to have used homeopathics and currently frequency medicine to get “unstuck”. Such amazing stuff!

    Keep up the great work! We need you.

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