Homeopathy for Autism

Individualized homeopathic care to help your child overcome autism


Vaccines contain over 100x the mercury than the EPA considers safe.
In 1989 congress passed the vaccine act  giving immunity from law suits against vax injury.
Currently, there are 72 vaccines that are mandatory.
By 1989 the amount of mercury and aluminum exposure via vaccinations, tripled.
The average age diagnosis for autism is 4.2 years old.
In 1950’s, the risk for autism was 1 in 10,000.
By 2000, the rate went to 1 in 600.
Today, every 1 in 15 boys develops autism.
Hep B vaccination contains the highest levels of mercury compared to other vaccines - kids who receive this vaccination within the first 30 days of life have a 1135% greater risk of developing autism.
Dtap also has significantly high levels of mercury.

Western medicine, functional medicine and naturopathic medicine have failed these kids tremendously.

Homeopathic care is the most effective and promising modality when it comes to helping our youth overcome autism.


For the past decade, Heathar has been helping children overcome autism with homeopathic medicine.

Learn more about heathar's approach to autism by listening to her Primal Pioneer Podcast Homeopathy for Autism series:

Root Causes of Autism

What to Expect Under Homeopathic Care for Autism

Jen & Heathar | 4.16.22

Autism: Curable vs Incurable Cases

While there are some cases of autism that are palliative and considered incurable, these are not all cases and typically only belong to those who were unfortunatley, born with autism.

Many of our autism cases today develop after birth. These children, under sound homeopathic care, have the potential to make the greatest headway with their condition.

Heathar only takes on cases of autism that develop after birth. Due to the intensive nature of this condition and the deep pathology of the disease, Heathar requires a minimum of 1 year commitment in working together to help your child move towards an improved state of health.

To effectively overcome autism, homeopathic care must be individualized to the child's constitution and over the course of a year, there may be several remedies needed to address root causes of your child's autism.

Heathar's 12 Month Homeopathy for Autism Program

A 12 month, individualized homeopathic + holistic health program to help your child overcome root causes of their autism diagnosis.

Homeopathy has the ability to remove root causes of autism - vaccine injury, antibiotic overuse, genetic predisposition or emotional trauma - to improve the quality of life, social skills, language skills and behavior disturbances that often accompany autism.

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Heathar's Homeopathy for Autism Program

Heathar Shepard

1. Apply to work with heathar

Before committing to helping your child, Heathar requires that you apply to work with her. Once Heathar recieves your application, she will contact you to let you know if she feels as though she can help your case and will set up an initial call to discuss deatils with regard to working togther. For all autism cases, Heathar requires a 1 year minimum commitment.


2. Initial Homepathic session

Once you and Heathar decide to work together, she will set up an initial homeopathic consultation with you in person at her homeopathic clinic in Northern New Mexico or on-line via zoom. During this session, it is important that the child is in attendance for at least 5-10 minutes so Heathar can observe the child's behavior. After the session, Heathar will recommend a homeopathic remedy to begin the healing process.

Heathar Shepard

3. Follow Up Sessions

After your child has taken their initial remedy, follow up session will be required. The frequency of follow up sessions vary depending on each individual and are included in the yearly cost of the homeopathy for autism program. Heathar encoruages you to reach out to her at anytime with questions, concerns or when behavioral or physical issues arise so she can recommend additional remedies as needed for your child. Heathar makes herself very available to you and your child to help you navigate the healing process with as much ease as possible.


4. additional resources

In addition to your homeopathic work with Heathar, she will often make recommendations around diet, sunlight and indoor light practices to further support your child's brain and neurological health and function. Heathar has found these resources to expedite the healing process in many cases.

Apply to the homeopathy for autism 12-month program