Foundations of Homeopathy Intensive

An in person intensive teaching you how to master the basics of homeopathic medicine


Join classical homeopath, Heathar Shepard, for an in person Homeopathic Foundations intensive at her farm in northern New Mexico.

During the intensive, Heathar will teach you the foundations of classical homeopathy, including root causes of disease, how homeopathy works, what diseases and acute conditions homeopathy is capable of healing, how to tell when a case is curable vs incurable and an introduction to some of the most widely used and most frequently called upon homeopathic remedies.


When: October 6th-8th 2023
Where: Ojo Conejo Farm + Healing Retreat in Ojo Sarco, New Mexico

Class Size: Limited to 8

Jen & Heathar | 4.16.22

Foundations INtensive Itinerary

Friday, October 6th

9am-10:45am Functional Movement Session (optional see below)
11am-12:30am Intro to classical homeopathy + what is a proving, standard homeopathy vs classical homeopathy; root causes of disease; the importance of symptoms

12:30-2pm Lunch/Hike/Break
2-4:30pm What is a healthy person; how homeopathy heals; signs of cure; direction of cure; how to tell if the remedy is working

Saturday, October 7th

9am-10:45am Functional Movement Session (optional, see below)
11am-12:30pm How we “diagnose” in homeopathy

12:30-2pm Lunch/Hike/Break
2-4:30pm The role of the emotions and mental state of the patient and how this influences the remedy choice

Sunday, October 8th

9am-10:45am Functional Movement Session (optional, see below)
11am-12:30pm An introduction to our most commonly used and prescribed remedies

12:30-2pm Lunch/Hike/Break
2-5pm How to choose the correct potency, when to repeat the remedy; antidotal substances; closing circle

What's inlcluded in the Foundations Intensive

Heathar Shepard

1. Classical Homeopathy Transmission

The essence and bones of homeopathy has been lost with our modern approach to healing and medicine. One of Heathar's main missions as a classical homeopath is to pass along the classical knowledge and efficacy of this medicine, just as she was taught and trained over a decade ago.


2. Farm Fresh Food

Heathar truly believes that the most important part of any class or retreat is, the food! If you aren't nourished, you can't focus or retain information. Each afternoon, students will be provided with a farm fresh mini course lunch (this will include farm food and local produce such as eggs from our farm hens, pastured meats, root veggies and Heathar's homemade chocolates). All food will be organic and grass-fed.

Heathar Shepard

3. Low EMF Environment

One of the many unique features of Heathar's farm is the exceptionally low EMF environment it provides. There is no WiFi on the property and cell phone use is prohibited at the farm (we want our bees and the humans who visit us to thrive)! All students will be asked to keep their phone in Airport Mode during the entire duration of the intensive. You will have access to a landline telephone and ethernet internet during the intensive and you and family members are more than welcome to call the farm landline in case of emergencies, family check-in’s or child breakdowns:)


4. The Great Outdoors

Heathar's farm borders BLM land providing everyone who visits the farm with thousands of miles of unobstructed views and miles of private hiking trails. During the afternoon class break, you will have access to the many hiking and walking trails that surround the property.

Foundations Intensive BONUS

Functional Movement Training

In Heathar's past life (AKA up until her early 20's) she played division I basketball (yes, even at 5'0 tall) and trained professional athletes. Today, Heathar is passionate about teaching people how to truly move and exercise in functional ways, in ways that support the health of the fascia and ways that improve mobility of the joints and tissues.

Every morning, before the Foundations Intensive, Heathar will lead a 90+ minute, outdoor Functional Movement session. By the end of the weekend, you'll know how to move, exercise and stretch in a truly functional way and you'll never need another gym membership again.

You can contact Heathar if you're interested in learning more about Functional Movement sessions during the Foundations Intensive.