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Heathar’s leading-edge teachings and expert interviews with integrative health professions teach you the most effective, simple yet deeply transformative solutions to overcoming and preventing every chronic disease today. This blog has what you need to feel invigorated, inspired, and confident about your body’s incredible and natural ability to heal!

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Enjoy Authentic Mexican Food the Healthy Way

In episode 42 of the Primal Pioneer, I want to dive into the topic of Mexican food. Most people think of Mexican food as fried tortillas smothered in cheese and oil. I am going to teach you in this episode five hacks to eating Mexican food so that you can healthily appreciate the flavors.

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How You Can Avoid Common Skin Problems

How You Can Proactively Avoid Common Skin Problems

In episode 41 of the Primal Pioneer, I want to dive into the topic of skin eruptions. If you are someone who struggles with this, whether it be eczema, psoriasis, and overall bumps on your skin, this episode will likely help to shed some light. I will be talking about how you can approach these skin eruptions in a proactive way, as well as why they occur in the first place.

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Art of Healing

The Art of Healing and Understanding Your Symptoms

In episode 40 of the Primal Pioneer, I want to talk to you about healing. I want to further dive into what healing actually looks like and how you can better understand whether you are moving forward in your healing process. I will be specifically talking about homeopathy as an example of this, and sharing five core ways you can tell if your treatment is helping you to achieve better health.

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Weight Gain

Winter Weight Gain and How to Avoid It

In episode 39 of the Primal Pioneer, I want to talk about winter weight gain and how we can prevent it. If you are someone who finds that you tend to gain weight around the winter months, stick around. I’ll be sharing tips surrounding that, as well as exercise. I want to dive into some issues I have regarding gym memberships. While I am a big fan of movement, some issues need to be addressed when it comes to the way we work out and where we work out.

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Causes of Chronic Constipation

Common Causes of Chronic Constipation and How to Treat It

In episode 38 of the Primal Pioneer, I want to talk about overcoming chronic constipation. If you or someone you know has struggled with this, I hope this episode can help you get to the root causes of your chronic constipation, so you can begin to heal your GI tract and system. I will also be dissolving a few myths we hear surrounding this topic, and what you should do if you’ve attempted all the standard approaches such as eating more fiber and utilizing magnesium supplements.

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Metabolic Health

Your Metabolic Health and The Key Influential Factor

In episode 37 of the Primal Pioneer, I want to deep dive into one of the most important aspects of health, metabolic health. This is a pillar to health that most diet plans and nutritionists fail to incorporate into the structure of their programs today. You’ve all heard me talk about it time and time again, sunlight is vital to overcoming and preventing metabolic diseases. I will talk about why that is and also dive into why people on strict diets tend to experience short-term success, only to plateau and revert to their old ways.

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Something Sweet

Craving Something Sweet? How to Handle Sugar Cravings

In episode 36 of the Primal Pioneer, we are going to talk all about sugar cravings. I want to dive into why these cravings occur, what they mean, and how you can overcome them. To effectively approach this topic, we have to look at four key layers. These 4 layers include, your metabolic health, daily eating schedule, energy management, and your constitution. I am going to touch upon these four core elements to help you overcome those sugar cravings.

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Truth About Cholesterol

The Truth About Cholesterol and Clogged Arteries

Last week’s episode was focused on fats and I’m sure that brought up some questions for you around cholesterol. In episode 35 of the Primal Pioneer, I am talking all about cholesterol to help you understand it clearly while approaching it without fear around heart disease and clogged arteries. This topic is very misunderstood in our culture today and it stems from the pharmaceutical industry, which I’ll get further in detail on in today’s episode.

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Understanding Fats in Food

Understanding Fats in Food: One of the Biggest Misconceptions in the Diet World

One of the biggest pitfalls in the dietary world is a focus on the wrong kind of fats. In episode 34 of the Primal Pioneer, I am talking all about healthy fats. I will teach you about healthy fats as well as what unhealthy fats are best to avoid. I also want to dive into the importance of seasonal eating, health detriments from following the same diet all year round, as well as the impact light has on our metabolic health.

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How to Heal

How to Heal Physically and Emotionally: A Client’s Journey with Linda Hill and Jen Antill

Today, I have two very special guests on the episode. I have my partner, Jen Antill, as well as a client of both of ours, Linda Hill. In episode 33 of the Primal Pioneer, we are going to share a client’s journey and perspective with you all. Linda has worked with both Jen and me, she has experienced both physical and emotional aspects of healing. We will dive into her experience and how her healing journey has been going.

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