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Heathar’s leading-edge teachings and expert interviews with integrative health professions teach you the most effective, simple yet deeply transformative solutions to overcoming and preventing every chronic disease today. This blog has what you need to feel invigorated, inspired, and confident about your body’s incredible and natural ability to heal!

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Physical and Emotional Healing

Combining Physical and Emotional Healing Modalities with Jen Antill

Today I have my fiancee and partner in crime back on the podcast, Jen Antill. In episode 32 of the Primal Pioneer, we are going to talk about the importance of including both physical and emotional ways when it comes to healing your body. You guys know I’m huge on physical realms of healing, and Jen is gifted when it comes to emotional realms of healing. We are going to talk more about why combining these two is so vital for your healing journey.

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How to Make a Home

How to Make a Home Healing and Nourishing with Jen Antill

Today is a special episode, I have my fiancee Jen Anthill. Jen and I want to talk about our journey around home and finding home. In episode 31 of the Primal Pioneer, we are diving into our home journey regarding what makes a home healing and nourishing versus what sets up a home to be toxic and ultimately, causing negative health effects.

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Kombucha Health Benefits

Mouth Breathing: One of the Most Underplayed Health Problems Today

Today, I want to talk about a topic that has huge implications for our health, yet is very underplayed – mouth breathing. In episode 30 of the Primal Pioneer, I share my knowledge around mouth breathing, and the dangers around this. I also want to dive into why so many of us have made it our predominant way of breathing, and how you can overcome it.

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Kombucha Health Benefits

Kombucha Health Benefits: Examining the Facts

Today, I want to talk about kombucha, a popular fermented fizzy drink that’s become very well known and is sold in most major grocery stores today. In episode 29 of the Primal Pioneer, I am sharing my insight and diving deeper into the health benefits of kombucha, as well as things to keep in mind when you are consuming this fermented beverage.

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What Triggers Anxiety

What Triggers Anxiety and How to Find the Root Cause

Today, I want to talk about a topic I’ve struggled with for years, and that is anxiety. In episode 28 of the Primal Pioneer, I am sharing my personal journey and story of overcoming anxiety and how I was able to discover helpful modalities that allowed me to get to the root cause of my issue.

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Morning Routine

Creating a Morning Routine To Meet Your Personal Health Needs

Having the right morning routine can be a great way to help you with achieving optimal health as well as keep you on track towards your health goals. In episode 27 of the Primal Pioneer, I am talking about important elements for your morning routine and inspiring tips around a routine that will help you achieve optimal health.

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Therapeutic Keto

Is a Therapeutic Keto Diet Safe in Cancer?

Anyone looking to rebuild their hormones, struggling with hormone health, or breast cancer will find that there’s a lot to take into consideration when it comes to diet. In episode 26 of the Primal Pioneer, I am diving into the topic of what is the best diet for someone who has breast cancer, or hormone-positive breast cancer. I want to uncover all the different layers and bases you must take into consideration from mental, emotional, and physical.

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Carbohydrate Metabolism

Carbohydrate Metabolism and Understanding Its Role in Your Health

Your ability to improve carbohydrate metabolism and restore health to your mitochondria is dependent on your light environment. In episode 25 of the Primal Pioneer, I am diving into this topic of carbohydrate metabolism as it’s a very misunderstood topic and such a big driving cause of our modern-day diseases.

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Utilizing Healthy Carbohydrates in Our Diet & Debunking the Carbs Are Bad Myth

When it comes to diet, we tend to have the mindset that we should avoid carbs and sugars to attain our health goals. In episode 24 of the Primal Pioneer, we are diving into why you should dissolve these limiting beliefs and how you don’t have to take on a deprivation attitude when it comes to these foods. Instead, you can have carbs and sugars within your diet without pathological impacts on your body.

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Overall Health

Your Overall Health Can Be Linked to Your Environment

Sometimes the best medicine to help you move forward with your overall health is to physically change location. To many, this can sound extreme but doctors for millennia have encouraged those with chronic illness to move to a specific location to give their body the best chance at a partial to full recovery. In episode 23 of the Primal Pioneer, we are diving into a natural and science-based approach to health. I will be talking all about relocation, not necessarily real estate, but relocation when it comes to your health.

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