The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy with Amy Herraera

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Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy with Amy Herraera

During today's episode, I interview certified Colon Hydrotherapist Amy Herraera. Amy is very knowledgeable when it comes to gut health. This woman has had an amazing personal health journey going from drinking soda pop and eating junk food to completely changing her diet and detoxing her body to regain her health. In episode 21 of the Primal Pioneer, Amy and I talk about the most effective colon hydrotherapy modalities out there today that she utilizes in her colon hydrotherapy practice. We also talk about concerns around coffee enemas, how to improve mineral absorption during colon hydrotherapy and enemas

But before we dive right in, let me introduce myself in case this is your first visit. I am your host, Heathar Shepard and I am incredibly passionate about helping people JUST LIKE YOU find the health and happiness they truly deserve.

Besides being an alternative healer and integrative health coach, I’m also a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor who struggled for 10 years until I discovered the MOST important factor for overall health: the environment we live and work in. And in The Primal Pioneer, I share what 98+% of doctors don’t tell you (or don’t even know!) about true health and wellness. You’ll learn about the importance of sunlight, as well as the foods and eating cycles that heal the root causes of chronic disease. And in an age dominated by technology, you’ll discover how EMF mitigation can drastically improve your life.

Everyone has their healing journey with their unique struggles...but I’m here to give you all the tools you need to make that healing happen!

So if you’re ready to learn more about colon hydrotherapy, colon detox, and how these play a role in your health journey, keep reading! And for even more details, listen to ALL of episode 21 of The Primal Pioneer on your favorite streaming platform.


The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy with Amy Herraera, Point #1: The differences between standard colonic therapy treatment vs. angel of water treatment.

Angel of water is a system that is gravity fed. Whereas with a standard closed system, it’s a lot more pressurized. In a standard colonic therapy treatment, the colon hydrotherapist has control of the hydrotherapy device. With this, the water goes in with more pressure.

With the angel of water treatment, the client has control. The client can determine the pressure while it’s flowing in with gravity the whole time. The main jobs of the colon are to pull mineral-rich water through the walls, there are minerals and feces mixed in that water. If you are constantly dehydrated, this can cause layers over time. Ultimately with this, you experience gas that begins acting like a plug. This turns into a vicious cycle, you can't get out the waste, but it’s hard to get hydration unless you bring water in and move out the waste. 

Both standard colonic therapy treatment and angel of water treatment achieve hydration in the colon. They are both amazing systems, however, angel of water treatment is a bit more gentle. The client can feel more comfortable because they have control, the practitioner can step out of the room, let the client release and they feel more at ease. With standard colonic therapy, the therapist is right there holding the tube, it can feel more invasive. 

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The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy with Amy Herraera, Point #2: There’s a lot of emotions tied to your digestive system.

It can be such an emotional experience with colon hydrotherapy, and what people don’t realize is that having the practitioner standing right there may block you from properly relaxing and getting the most out of your session.

The reality is, when you’re releasing in the colon hydrotherapy session, you may want to cry, scream, or experience other emotions. With a practitioner standing there, you don’t feel as comfortable. When people want a detox, they don’t realize that it’s not just a physical detox sometimes, other layers come out. With colon hydrotherapy, it should be a safe place to let go, and embrace your emotions that come out. 

The reason people feel so good after their session, on top of all the other benefits such as less brain fog, blood flow to the brain, is simply due to this. The release of emotions is incredible and one of the most powerful aspects of the colon hydrotherapy experience.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy with Amy Herraera, Point #3: To prevent mineral imbalance, we want to make sure we know the minerals in the body. We don’t want to wash out the valuable minerals.

Quicksilver is a great mineral to utilize in your colon hydrotherapy session, you can put a little quicksilver in the water or you can drink it after the session. This depends on the client, but in general, that’s usually all that should be added to the water. An additional item you can add would be probiotic implants.

Another great tool when it comes to getting the most out of your colon hydrotherapy session would be utilizing restructured water. This type of water is very hydrating to the body. If the client has a compromised gut, minerals added in are always a good idea. A common mistake with colon hydrotherapy is that people don’t give much thought about the water they are using, it’s not mineralized or structured. 

Having structured water in your colon hydrotherapy session, that’s key. You were made out of water, regular water is okay, but you need minerals back in that water. Some great ways to do that would be adding pink sea salt, restructuring the water to make it so you can absorb it. Overall, people’s experience with a session using restructured water makes such a noticeable difference.

Heathar Shepard

Hi, I am Heathar

With over 12 years experience as an alternative healer, integrative health coach and one who has been through severe physical injury trying every remedy under the sun to heal myself with no avail…I’m here to tell you, all of those things are not only attainable but are foundational to achieving optimal health and are core elements to overcoming all chronic and stubborn diseases.

At the age of 23 I suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) preventing me from the ability to engage in physical activity for over 12 years post my car accident. Today, I know I could have recovered from this injury much quicker if I had known then what I know now! But….the accident lead me down the healing path. A path that I was destined to take to help myself heal and to learn how to help others heal complicated and chronic disorders as well.

During this time, I learned two things: How to harness the healing power of sunlight and how to utilize frequency based medicine to facilitate biological transformations in the body - all the way down to the mitochondrial level.

Today, I lead an active life and you can bet I’m uber passionate about teaching others how they can overcome even the most daunting health experiences that most medical professionals have band-aid solutions for, at best.


And today, my health continues to improve each day and I now lead an active, healthy lifestyle - all of which I thought would never be possible to achieve again. All it took was discovering the most effective path to health and healing to get me there and now, to help my clients get there as well!

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy

The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy with Amy Herraera, Point #4: Coffee enema can be amazing for detoxifying the liver, however, you aren’t effectively cleaning out your colon.

When we look at coffee enema vs. colon hydrotherapy, coffee detoxifies the liver. This occurs because the coffee is entering your rectum, and goes straight into your bloodstream. Coffee is high in pulmonic acid, and the result is detoxifying your liver. This can be great, but it’s also increasing your bio flow.

You are only getting about a foot of coffee into your colon, if you want to cleanse, you should consider colon hydrotherapy. Your colon is about 5 feet long, and you have to take into account space for junk to hide and layers. People do coffee enema thinking they are emptied but they are surprised when more things come out with a colon hydrotherapy session. Coffee is amazing for detoxifying but you aren't truly cleaning out your colon.

If you struggle with brain fog, allergies, headaches, acne, you should look into colon hydrotherapy rather than a coffee enema. If you are strictly looking to detoxify the liver, a coffee enema can be amazing. We assume an enema helps detoxify the colon, and it does a small amount but cannot reach the depths that colon hydrotherapy can. Often coffee enema consumers, if they do it consistently, the coffee ends up dehydrating the colon. The coffee can strip and dry your colon over time. 

The Bottom Line of The Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy with Amy Herraera

For years, we leaned on coffee enema protocols for gut health. If we do not rehydrate ourselves, tissues, and colon, this approach will leave you super dehydrated. This is something you want to avoid when you are looking to improve the health of your colon. Amy was incredible and provided us some amazing effective ways to approach colon detox. Specifically on seeking out a colon hydrotherapist and utilizing the angel of water modality. 

I hope you found this information insightful and helpful for your healing path. If you struggle with gut health, depression, or anxiety, search for an angel of water practitioner or colon hydrotherapist in your area. It’s important to listen to your own body and intuition. Don’t listen to what mainstream tells you, think on your own, and establish your own opinions.

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