Your Metabolic Health and The Key Influential Factor

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Metabolic Health

Your Metabolic Health and The Key Influential Factor

In episode 37 of the Primal Pioneer, I want to deep dive into one of the most important aspects of health, metabolic health. This is a pillar to health that most diet plans and nutritionists fail to incorporate into the structure of their programs today. You’ve all heard me talk about it time and time again, sunlight is vital to overcoming and preventing metabolic diseases. I will talk about why that is and also dive into why people on strict diets tend to experience short-term success, only to plateau and revert to their old ways.

But before we dive right in, let me introduce myself in case this is your first visit. I am your host, Heathar Shepard and I am incredibly passionate about helping people JUST LIKE YOU find the health and happiness they truly deserve.

Besides being an alternative healer and integrative health coach, I’m also a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor who struggled for 10 years until I discovered the MOST important factor for overall health: the environment we live and work in. And in The Primal Pioneer, I share what 98+% of doctors don’t tell you (or don’t even know!) about true health and wellness. You’ll learn about the importance of sunlight, as well as the foods and eating cycles that heal the root causes of chronic disease. And in an age dominated by technology, you’ll discover how EMF mitigation can drastically improve your life.

Everyone has their healing journey with their unique struggles...but I’m here to give you all the tools you need to make that healing happen!

So if you’re ready to learn more about your metabolic health and the key influential factor, keep on reading! And for even more details, listen to ALL of episode 37 of The Primal Pioneer on your favorite streaming platform.


Metabolic Health, Point #1: To take a close look at how light is the most influential element to our metabolic and hormonal health, we have to consider some core fundamental ways this occurs in the body.

There are two core fundamental ways this occurs in the body - light and your retina, as well as light and your skin. Did you know the primary factor that determines your metabolic health and ability to turn your food into energy is the type of light that hits your retina? I want to dive into this without going too far down the science rabbit hole because there’s a lot of ancient literature, our metabolism and hormones have always been hardwired from 3.7 billion years ago to today to function optimally when sunlight hits the retina. Let’s look at the body’s main circadian clock regulators, the PVM, the pair of ventricular nucleases. This is located in the hypothalamus. 

This is stimulated by the light that hits the retina. Light enters your eye when you’re outside in the sunlight. This sends signals to the PVM, that main circadian clock regulator in your hypothalamus. This is key to the type of metabolic signals, hormonal signals, and neurotransmitter production that occurs. What happens is that this stimulates the release and production of specific hormones within the hypothalamus, and this connection is referred to as a retinal hypothalamus track. We often think of our retina as this thing in our eye that regulates the types of colors or light we see. It’s deeper than that. We’re very quick to block the light that enters our retina with sunglasses, contact lenses, and glasses. Yet, this is one of the most influential factors as to when light hits that retina. This is huge when it comes to your metabolic and hormonal health. 

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Metabolic Health, Point #2: There is a huge impact on your metabolic health when you are predominantly living indoors around artificial light.

If you are living an indoor life and not under sunlight much, the whole process that should be taking place when light hits your retina can’t occur healthily. If you are living indoors under blue light or looking at a screen all day, that light hitting your retina is going to be very different from the light you’d receive outside in the sunlight. Today, we see studies that show you can get type 2 diabetes just by being inundated with blue light, which is the case with most people today. There is a lot of literature as well that shows blood sugar levels increase as you are living under artificial light and as your exposure to artificial EMFs increase. This is not something we take into account when it comes to our metabolic and hormonal health.

Instead, many of us want a quick fix or a diet to follow. It’s not that simple and linear. We have to grasp and understand that health isn't just about diet. We have to understand the role sunlight plays when it enters your eye and stimulates one of the main circadian clocks in the body. This allows your body to tell time accurately. Meaning that when your physiological time clock is in alignment with nature’s time clock, your metabolic and hormonal signaling will be functioning optimally. However, when you’re in an artificial environment with primarily blue light this signaling will not occur in a timely or effective way. While there is blue light in sunlight, there are also many different light spectrums within sunlight that trigger this function of the hormones of the metabolic signaling. From sunlight, you receive red, blue, and purple light all contained within the solar spectrum.

Metabolic Health
Heathar Shepard

Hi, I am Heathar

With over 12 years experience as an alternative healer, integrative health coach and one who has been through severe physical injury trying every remedy under the sun to heal myself with no avail…I’m here to tell you, all of those things are not only attainable but are foundational to achieving optimal health and are core elements to overcoming all chronic and stubborn diseases.

At the age of 23 I suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) preventing me from the ability to engage in physical activity for over 12 years post my car accident. Today, I know I could have recovered from this injury much quicker if I had known then what I know now! But….the accident lead me down the healing path. A path that I was destined to take to help myself heal and to learn how to help others heal complicated and chronic disorders as well.

During this time, I learned two things: How to harness the healing power of sunlight and how to utilize frequency based medicine to facilitate biological transformations in the body - all the way down to the mitochondrial level.

Today, I lead an active life and you can bet I’m uber passionate about teaching others how they can overcome even the most daunting health experiences that most medical professionals have band-aid solutions for, at best.


And today, my health continues to improve each day and I now lead an active, healthy lifestyle - all of which I thought would never be possible to achieve again. All it took was discovering the most effective path to health and healing to get me there and now, to help my clients get there as well!

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Metabolic Health, Point #3: Most people get caught up entirely by diet but if you aren’t incorporating sunlight, you will never find long-term success.

You have this master hormonal system in your subcutaneous fat, and this hormonal system delivers messages and signals from the subcutaneous fat to the hypothalamus. This determines all those critical functions in the hypothalamus, hunger satiation, energy needs, etc.. The type of light that hits the subcutaneous fat stimulates hormones within the fat. Once those hormones are stimulated, they send messages to the hypothalamus as to what hormones need to be produced and what metabolic signals need to be sent. This is a huge piece of hormonal and metabolic health as well. When you stay indoors in front of technology screens, the same concept as my earlier point in regards to light vs. retina, the main hormonal and metabolic communication system doesn’t work properly.

This is why people gain weight by living indoors or get type 2 diabetes by living in artificial light. Not only are they getting incorrect signals through their retina, but they are also receiving incorrect signals through their skin. This hormone system in the skin isn’t being activated if you aren’t going outside and getting the activation from sunlight. Most people get caught up entirely in diet and leave this most important part about sunlight out. If this sunlight isn’t there, but you do the diet, you will never find long-term success. We need the light environment to shift for the hormones and metabolism to communicate efficiently. Then, we can use diet to further enhance this communication system. 

The Bottom Line of Your Metabolic Health and The Key Influential Factor

We are at this time in history where if we don’t start adding in sunlight as an equally important aspect to our healing journey, then we will find ourselves reverting in regards to our health. This can result in continuous frustration, time, energy, and resources we put into our healing. Sunlight holds a driving impact on our hormonal and metabolic health, remember that. I hope this episode helped you understand and grasp this concept in a deeper way. 

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