Craving Something Sweet? How to Handle Sugar Cravings

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Something Sweet

Craving Something Sweet? How to Handle Sugar Cravings

In episode 36 of the Primal Pioneer, we are going to talk all about sugar cravings. I want to dive into why these cravings occur, what they mean, and how you can overcome them. To effectively approach this topic, we have to look at four key layers. These 4 layers include, your metabolic health, daily eating schedule, energy management, and your constitution. I am going to touch upon these four core elements to help you overcome those sugar cravings.

But before we dive right in, let me introduce myself in case this is your first visit. I am your host, Heathar Shepard and I am incredibly passionate about helping people JUST LIKE YOU find the health and happiness they truly deserve.

Besides being an alternative healer and integrative health coach, I’m also a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor who struggled for 10 years until I discovered the MOST important factor for overall health: the environment we live and work in. And in The Primal Pioneer, I share what 98+% of doctors don’t tell you (or don’t even know!) about true health and wellness. You’ll learn about the importance of sunlight, as well as the foods and eating cycles that heal the root causes of chronic disease. And in an age dominated by technology, you’ll discover how EMF mitigation can drastically improve your life.

Everyone has their healing journey with their unique struggles...but I’m here to give you all the tools you need to make that healing happen!

So if you’re ready to learn more about how to handle sugar cravings, keep on reading! And for even more details, listen to ALL of episode 36 of The Primal Pioneer on your favorite streaming platform.


Craving Something Sweet, Point #1: Many struggle with their metabolic health and may not realize it.


Today millions of people struggle with metabolic health. Not everyone may realize they are struggling with a metabolic health condition, they assume they have high blood pressure or autoimmunity. All these things are rooted in metabolic health, so let’s break down exactly what metabolic health is. A lot of people think of metabolism as our ability to burn our food, and while there is truth to that, I want to give you a bigger perspective surrounding metabolic health. Your metabolic health isn’t just the ability to burn food and have a bowel movement. There are people out there with a metabolism that is quick and efficient, this allows them to eat everything under the sun and remain quite thin. Maybe you know some people like this, that is one kind of metabolizer. 

When we go to the opposite end of the spectrum, we have people who tend to be slower metabolizers. They don’t have a huge appetite and it seems food takes a while to get to the other end of the track and produce a bowel movement. This is one element of our metabolic health, but there is a bigger and more accurate way to look at metabolic health. Summed up in basic words, you can produce at the mitochondrial level. Most people today don’t have a passing grade when it comes to their metabolic health, I’ve been there myself. By incorporating the sunlight Rx, metabolic reset, and honestly just being outside more, this has done wonders for my metabolic health. I want you to know that even if your metabolic health isn’t so great right now, you can always turn it around. 

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Craving Something Sweet, Point #2: Poor metabolic health doesn’t just occur by eating a poor diet, it also occurs from eating a diet high in carbs during the wrong times of the year.

Carbohydrates are not inherently bad. We just disregard nature’s laws and eat carbohydrates all times of the year when we actually shouldn’t as they’re not available to us all times of the year. Our metabolic disorders are not driven by excessive carbohydrate intake, even if a lot of people tell you that. Instead, our metabolic diseases from a dietary standpoint, stem from eating carbohydrates during the wrong times of the year or even the wrong times of the day. Two core aspects that drive our metabolic health are sunlight and artificial light. 

Some ophthalmologists have done extensive research correlating our metabolism with the light we’re exposed to. The scientific literature of this got swept under the rug and replaced with unbiased and heavily funded studies that promote things such as how cataract surgery can throw someone into having type 2 diabetes. Even the ophthalmologist knows it's a direct side effect, and this is because the lens that is put in during cataract surgery blocks out UV light. This is the light you need to drive all your metabolic hormonal signaling. As soon as that’s taken away, someone immediately gets type 2 diabetes. We can’t just point our fingers at carbohydrates and sugar. If we want to get the story accurate here, we can’t simply limit carbohydrates and sugars like the Ketogenic diet promotes. Instead, we have to include aspects of sunlight and mitigate our artificial light exposure.

Something Sweet

Craving Something Sweet, Point #3: We are wired to gain energy from our environment. Today, we are far from that blueprint. Instead of gaining energy, we are losing energy.

Are you losing or gaining energy from your environment? 3.5 billion years ago nature designed us to gain energy from our environment. We are hard-wired to do this by staying connected to the sun and being outside. Today, we are so far from this original blueprint. Instead of gaining energy from our environment, we are losing energy. When we lose energy in our environment, we become energy inefficient. You can develop energy inefficiency when you are doing things such as eating carbs at the wrong time of year or being in front of artificial light much more in the day. When you are constantly living in that kind of state, these are core ways you will set the stage for metabolic health struggles, and ultimately you become energy inefficient. 

The more energy inefficient you become, the more carbs and sugars you crave. When you are energy efficient, you crave foods that will give you a quick burst of energy. However, staying in the cycle of energy inefficiency can be quite problematic for your health. If you have a metabolic disease or the beginning stages of it, which can look like poor sleep, low energy levels, moodiness, we need to first improve your ability to produce and pump out high octane energy. This way you can recharge your battery and re-establish solid metabolic health. When you do this, sugar cravings will naturally subside. 

Heathar Shepard

Hi, I am Heathar

With over 12 years experience as an alternative healer, integrative health coach and one who has been through severe physical injury trying every remedy under the sun to heal myself with no avail…I’m here to tell you, all of those things are not only attainable but are foundational to achieving optimal health and are core elements to overcoming all chronic and stubborn diseases.

At the age of 23 I suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) preventing me from the ability to engage in physical activity for over 12 years post my car accident. Today, I know I could have recovered from this injury much quicker if I had known then what I know now! But….the accident lead me down the healing path. A path that I was destined to take to help myself heal and to learn how to help others heal complicated and chronic disorders as well.

During this time, I learned two things: How to harness the healing power of sunlight and how to utilize frequency based medicine to facilitate biological transformations in the body - all the way down to the mitochondrial level.

Today, I lead an active life and you can bet I’m uber passionate about teaching others how they can overcome even the most daunting health experiences that most medical professionals have band-aid solutions for, at best.


And today, my health continues to improve each day and I now lead an active, healthy lifestyle - all of which I thought would never be possible to achieve again. All it took was discovering the most effective path to health and healing to get me there and now, to help my clients get there as well!

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Craving Something Sweet, Point #4: It’s important to keep in mind that not everyone craves sugar and carbohydrates for the same reason.

We always have to consider the individual constitution when it comes to any acute or chronic condition. Even when it comes to carbohydrates and sugar craving. Most people want to search up tips online for how to overcome cravings, but it’s important to keep in mind that not everyone craves sugars and carbohydrates for the same reason. We have to look at the deeper layers, I am all about looking at root causes and the individual. This is where we get into the emotional factor. We have to consider the basic and common emotional disharmonies when it comes to sugar and carb cravings. These could include a lack of self-worth, guilt, jealousy, grief, and depressed states. 

To remove the core chemical imbalances that fuel carbohydrate and sugar cravings, we have to look at the mental-emotional picture too. This picture can vary depending on the individual and their unique life experiences. Once we establish the core emotions that the individual struggles with, then we can start changing these deep-seated emotional struggles. My number one modality preference for this is homeopathy. Homeopathy has a unique and potent ability to remove unhealthy mental and emotional patterns that are almost always behind carbohydrate and sugar cravings.

The Bottom Line of Craving Something Sweet? How to Handle Sugar Cravings

I hope you found this episode insightful and inspiring around your health and healing journey, especially with carb and sugar cravings. Remember that when it comes to anything health-related, nothing is black and white. We must always dig deeper and look at the root causes of the issue. I hope these core elements I discussed today will be helpful for you as you handle any future sugar or carbohydrate cravings.

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