What Triggers Anxiety and How to Find the Root Cause

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What Triggers Anxiety

What Triggers Anxiety and How to Find the Root Cause

Today, I want to talk about a topic I’ve struggled with for years, and that is anxiety. In episode 28 of the Primal Pioneer, I am sharing my personal journey and story of overcoming anxiety and how I was able to discover helpful modalities that allowed me to get to the root cause of my issue.

But before we dive right in, let me introduce myself in case this is your first visit. I am your host, Heathar Shepard and I am incredibly passionate about helping people JUST LIKE YOU find the health and happiness they truly deserve.

Besides being an alternative healer and integrative health coach, I’m also a Traumatic Brain Injury survivor who struggled for 10 years until I discovered the MOST important factor for overall health: the environment we live and work in. And in The Primal Pioneer, I share what 98+% of doctors don’t tell you (or don’t even know!) about true health and wellness. You’ll learn about the importance of sunlight, as well as the foods and eating cycles that heal the root causes of chronic disease. And in an age dominated by technology, you’ll discover how EMF mitigation can drastically improve your life.

Everyone has their healing journey with their unique struggles...but I’m here to give you all the tools you need to make that healing happen!

So if you’re ready to learn more about how you can gain an understanding of what triggers anxiety and how to find the root cause, then keep reading! And for even more details, listen to ALL of episode 28 of The Primal Pioneer on your favorite streaming platform.


What Triggers Anxiety, Point #1: Homeopathy is one of the most effective holistic approaches to anxiety that I have found.

For those of you unfamiliar with the practice of homeopathy, I’ll provide a synopsis of what it is and how it works. A homeopathic doctor prescribes a homeopathic remedy to help remove root emotional and physical patterns in the body. These patterns can develop from trauma, grief, loss, or inherited patterns. These are some core driving factors behind not only anxiety but poor health as well. Pathology manifests in the body as we are exposed to germs, toxins, or traumas. For example, let’s say you had a vaccination but you got strep throat recurring through your life requiring to take a lot of antibiotics. Then you had a traumatic event of a lost loved one, it’s a cascade that starts and it’s how we go through our life.

The more of those exposures we have without addressing and removing those layers, the sicker one is, and the longer it will take to make a full recovery once the appropriate healing plan is put into place. In most cases, overcoming your physical and emotional elements is possible when you get to the root cause. Until we can get there, it's always a block or bumps along the healing path. The intake of a homeopathic doctor is drastically different than a western doctor, this involves a lot of emotions and getting to these deeper layers and patterns to get a clear picture of the root cause of the issue the client struggles with.

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Let's deep dive into your health to see what might be holding you back from achieving optimal health

What Triggers Anxiety, Point #2: Sunlight has potent physiological effects on the body, this has some great benefits in regard to overcoming anxiety.

I want to focus on the benefits sunlight has in regards to overcoming anxiety. One main thing sunlight does is drive all our hormonal signaling, metabolism, and firing of specific brain chemicals, and neurochemicals. I had no idea sunlight could practically cure my anxiety until I experienced it first-hand. Despite your reason for struggling with anxiety, sunlight is going to be a great benefit to most anxiety cases unless there’s photophobia, sun sensitivity, or a fear of sunlight. These are all things that can be addressed with homeopathy to remove some of the fear and triggers.

The Sunlight Rx will be a potent and effective support in most anxiety cases, of course, we have to dig into the root cause of your case first but Sunlight Rx will help and change the way your brain fires with all the molecules and neurotransmitters that are triggered and fueled when you are exposed to certain spectrums of sunlight. Nature designed you to interact with sunlight. This is so you can be exposed to the chemical signals that it stimulates and have a huge dose of those feel-good chemicals every day.

What Triggers Anxiety

What Triggers Anxiety, Point #3: Breathwork is so important to our picture of health and achieving your version of optimal health.

Poor breathing not only fuels anxiety but all modern diseases today, even things we don’t think about like asthma, scoliosis, and allergies. Poor breathing can make the anxiety-driven patient feel worse if you think about being in an anxious state, how are you breathing? Probably not well, hyperventilating usually. Most people are chronic mouth breathers, especially those who are anxious. Anxiety states tend to include shallow mouth breaths and put us into a state of hyperventilation. When we breathe too frequently and through our mouth, we are breathing too much. This increases heart rate, inflammation levels, stress, and puts us into a flight or fight response. 

The trick to preventing anxiety is training yourself how to become a nose breather, even when you sleep. I’ve even seen people buy sleep apnea tape and place it over their mouth to re-train their body the system and pathways on how to be a nose breather. You can also do other alternatives such as breathwork techniques. Nose breathing before bed and throughout your day should help in big ways, for the anxiety-ridden person I encourage you to focus on your exhale as well. Most people have too big of an inhale, hold their breath, and a tiny exhale. Extending the exhale improves the amount of oxygen the cells and tissue can utilize.

Heathar Shepard

Hi, I am Heathar

With over 12 years experience as an alternative healer, integrative health coach and one who has been through severe physical injury trying every remedy under the sun to heal myself with no avail…I’m here to tell you, all of those things are not only attainable but are foundational to achieving optimal health and are core elements to overcoming all chronic and stubborn diseases.

At the age of 23 I suffered a TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) preventing me from the ability to engage in physical activity for over 12 years post my car accident. Today, I know I could have recovered from this injury much quicker if I had known then what I know now! But….the accident lead me down the healing path. A path that I was destined to take to help myself heal and to learn how to help others heal complicated and chronic disorders as well.

During this time, I learned two things: How to harness the healing power of sunlight and how to utilize frequency based medicine to facilitate biological transformations in the body - all the way down to the mitochondrial level.

Today, I lead an active life and you can bet I’m uber passionate about teaching others how they can overcome even the most daunting health experiences that most medical professionals have band-aid solutions for, at best.


And today, my health continues to improve each day and I now lead an active, healthy lifestyle - all of which I thought would never be possible to achieve again. All it took was discovering the most effective path to health and healing to get me there and now, to help my clients get there as well!

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What Triggers Anxiety, Point #4: A couple of techniques that I use when it comes to helping improve my exhale to prevent anxiety, you can even use these in the middle of a panic attack situation.

There is one particular technique I like and I shared in the last episode as well, it’s one of my favorites because you focus a lot on the exhale. You would inhale and at the peak, you start to exhale. As you exhale, you count to 10 in a soft vocal voice until you are down to a whisper and you have to take another inhale. You repeat that cycle at least 10 times, or more if you’d like. This is key: focusing on exhale to overcome the anxiety you may be feeling. This is also a huge key to decreasing inflammation in the body. I do this several times a day. 

If you are in the middle of an anxiety attack, try this technique - focus on the 5.5 to 6 second inhale, 5.5 to 6 second exhale, train yourself to be more of a nose breather. This reduces heart rate, it’s calming and great for the parasympathetic nervous system. If you are right in the middle of an attack, focus on that 4-5 second inhale, go slow. Go for a long exhale, 10 seconds if you can. If I'm doing meditation or breathing exercises, I’ll often focus on the shorter inhale and the long exhale. You don’t want to be gasping for the next breath, be gentle and for anxiety purposes, you want to go slow. 

The Bottom Line of What Triggers Anxiety and How to Find the Root Cause

When it comes to anxiety, know that you're not alone and there are amazing tools and holistic modalities to help you rectify root causes of your anxiety. Utilizing the power of sunlight, homeopathy, and breathwork are the main ways I help prevent anxiety for myself and my clients as well. These have proven to be highly effective in even the most intense anxiety states. 

If you enjoyed this episode, I would appreciate it if you took one minute to rate and review. Each review helps more people just like you learn the deeper truths about health, healing, and what’s driving our epidemic rates of poor health today. Don’t forget to take a screenshot of the episode, share it on your Instagram stories, and tag me @sunlight_rx. Thanks for tuning in and see you next week!

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