The Practitioner Training On-Line Course Series

Train to become a certified classical homeopathic practitioner

Jen & Heathar | 4.16.22

Classical homeopathy, the solution to our modern disease epidemics and our lifeline to reclaiming optimal health.

Our government and medical "professionals" have taught us to suppress every sniffle, fever, ache, pain and emotion.

However, suppressing our ailments and emotions only weakens the immune system and drastically increases risk of chronic disease.

The answer to healing is not possible when relying on suppressive therapies.

The answer to improving our health and healing outcomes is found in classical homeopathic medicine.

About your teacher

Heathar is a classically trained homeopathic practitioner. For the past decade she has helped people on every continent recover from acute and chronic conditions using classical homeopathic medicine.

Heathar's classical homeopathic education entailed a grueling 4+ years of education and clinical experience. Today, she is passionate about teaching others how to practice this medicine effectively and responsibly. One of the main drivers behind Heathar's passion for teaching this medicine is the fact that anyone can refer to themselves as a homeopathic practitioner. But, this claim is often hallow and deficient as most homeopaths today lack in training and clinical experience.

Heathar aims to revolutionize the way this medicine is taught and practiced.

With over a decade of experience, Heathar brings passion and heart to her teachings, she brings her firsthand experience and she teaches you the essence of becoming an effective and knowledgeable homeopathic practitioner. If you're searching for a holistic health education that has the power and ability to transform the health of others from a truly root cause place, this training is likely the call you've been waiting for.

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Practitioner Training Details

The Practitioner Training Series offers several different options for your classical homeopathic studies. Each course can be taken individually, or, can be bundled into one holographic program.

To obtain certification, you must complete all 10 courses and complete the homework assignments for each course. Additionally, for those aspiring to become certified, there is a required course, Case Taking. which entails listening to 10 live clinic cases. The Case Taking course includes live clinic cases that Heathar has recorded from her private practice.

Additionally, to obtain certification, the student will submit 8 of their own clinic cases to Heathar (don't worry, Heathar will walk you through the entire process on your path to becoming certified and will help you find cases if need be). Heathar will go over each case with you to help you develop your skills and efficacy as a classical homeopathic practitioner.

Courses Offered in the PT Series (each course can be taken separately or bundled to obtain certification)

  • Foundations of Classical Homeopathic Medicine
  • Treating Anxiety & Panic Disorders
  • Treating Shock & Trauma
  • Treating Hormone Disorders
  • Treating Grief
  • Treating Gut Disorders
  • Treating Disorders of the Nervous System
  • Treating Migraines & Head Injuries
  • Treat acute illness with homeopathy
  • Treating Rare & Peculiar Diseases

How to get started

If you are simply wanting to understand the essence of classical homeopathy in a deeper way, Heathar encourages you to start with the Foundations Course. The Foundations Course is INCLUDED in all of the other courses offered. This is because you cannot be successful in your prescribing and work as a homeopath until you have a solid foundation that is offered in the Foundations Course.

If you are ready to become a certified Classical Homeopathic Practitioner, please email Heathar to set up an interview or a discovery call to see if this program would be a good fit for you. If you choose to become certified, payment plans are available and this is an area Heathar will discuss with you during your interview/discovery call.

If you have any questions regarding the course, please reach out to Heathar at anytime. She encourages your questions and inquiries.

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Options to Study Classical Homeopathy with Heathar

  1. Sign Up for the Foundations of Classical Homeopathy On-Line Course ($497)
  2. Sign Up for an individual course ($697 per course - - all individual courses include access to the Foundations of Classical Homeopathy course)
  3. Bundle all courses in the PT series to become certified ($7,597 - - includes Case Taking course + observation of 8 individual clinic cases)

Additional Course Content

All students will receive a PDF copy of Heathar's recommended reading list as well as access to Live, monthly Q&A calls.

If you purchase an individual course, Heathar will email you to confirm which course you'd like to enroll in and will help you with the on-board process for the course.