Homeopathic Practitioner Training Program

A truly holistic medicine education that transforms the health of others for the better

A decade of Exceptional Results

For the past 13 years, Heathar has successfully helped people overcome root causes of their health struggles using classical homeopathy.

Her classical homeopathic Practitioner Training program is among the top ranked homeopathic and natural health education program worldwide.

The Essenece of the Program

The classical homepathy Practitioner Training program is unlike any homeopathic education, alternative health program or medical training course out there today.

And, there’s a solid reason for this...

Our health education systems are based on flawed science, outdated or elaboratly unconstructive healing modalities, trendy diets and expensive lab testing. Our approach to healing is  generalized and consists of cookie-cutter diet, supplement and genetic testing protocols that focus on treating disease diagnoses, not people.

To achieve the health successes that we all desire and deserve, health practitioners have to learn how to treat people and their unique symptoms, not their disease diagnosis.

This is the very essence and backbone of Heathar's classical homeopathy Practitioner Training program.

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The Practitioner Program will teach you...

  • Foundational + advanced principles of classical homeopathic medicine
  • How to use homeopathy to treat acute and chronic health disorders
  • How to prescribe homeopathically using the correct remedy, potency and repetition of dosage
  • 30+ Live + audio clinical cases to provide students with first-hand experience
  • How to determine root causes of each individuals health issues and how to rectify these core disturbances
  • How to improve gut health using classical homeopathy, diet and sunlight therapy
  • How to improve environmental + food sensitivities using classical homeopathy
  • How to use classical homeopathy to reverse genetic predisposition
  • Benefits of and application of The Sunlight Diet to help support health and healing
  • Supplements: when to recommend supplementation and when to encourage your client to discontinue supplementation
  • How to prescribe homeopathically for individuals taking western medication(s)
  • How to utilize The Sunlight Rx to support healing
  • How to inturpert lab work findings and how to incorporate imbalanced lab results into your homeopathic protocol
  • Homeopathic first-aid care

And, much more!

Course Requirements

The main requirement to enroll in The Practitioner Training program is completion of The Foundations Course. Once you are enrolled in this course, you can apply for The Practitioner Training program.

Once enrolled in the program, each student will be required to complete weekly homework assignments and to see a minimum of 30 clinic case in the student clinic (Heathar provides clients for the student clinic).

There will also be quarterly testing as well as a cumulative final exam that must be passed to gain certification at the end of the program.

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Course Material Overview

The course will cover a diverse array of material required to become a successful homeopath.

Some of the material Heathar will cover includes: materia medica of 100+ remedies, case taking, how to determine root causes of disease, how to prescribe homeopathic remedies including remedy choice, potency and frequency the remedy should be taken; how to determine curable vs incurble cases.

Heathar will also teach you how to treat specific health conditions including but not limited to: leaky gut, C.diff, colitis, constipation, eczema and skin issues, malignancies, heart conditions, head injury, food sensitivities, histamine response, hormonal issues, Autism, migraine headache, grief, trauma, PTSD, anxiety disorders, depression, self-harm tendencies as well as acute conditons such as cough, cold, flu, fever, bronchitis, appendicitis and UTI’s.

Class Structure

Heathar will teach all classes Live via Zoom - there will not be any pre-recorded classes or go-at-your-own-pace video recordings for the 18-month training. This is a live teaching experience with classically trained homeopath, Heathar Shepard. There will also be opportunity for in-person classes as well.

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Clinical Experience

Most homeopathic trainings offered today teach educational content without clinical experience. During the training, you’ll experience real clinical cases each month. You’ll also be assigned clinic cases as a way to deepen your clinical experience. There is no greater education than first-hand experience - - by experiencing live cases with Heathar you’ll lay a solid foundation for becoming a successful homeopathic practitioner.

Classical Homeopathy

The program will focus on the principles of classical homeopathy. Today, there are many homeopathic practitioners around the world. However, most homeopaths of today use generic diagnostic, treatment and potentization protocols that focus on combination remedies and too frequent prescribing methods. This approach, although well intentioned, often results in subpar healing outcoms for patients. The practice of classical homeopathy is rooted in single remedy prescriptions due to their ability to access the root of the patients suffering.


Application Details

  • The next Practitioner Training launches on January 10th 2024
  • Classes are held every Wednesday from 1-3pm EST (with the exception to quarterly breaks)
  • Class size limited to 12
  • Students will have access to a private telegram group for the course to ask questions outside of class time
  • Upon gradutaion, you will be among the world's most informed and well educated homeopathic practitioners
  • Tuition for the 18 month Practitioner Training $12,997
  • Payment plans are available

The Practitioner Training program changed Val's life, relationships and they way she practices medicine, for the better.

This course has changed my life. Not only changing my health for the better but also learning so much about Classical Homeopathy, Sunlight, EMF Mitigation and an Ancestral Diet. I am so glad that I dedicated time and energy into this program because my life, personality and relationships with others would not be the same. Heathar's passion, I have not seen anything like it before. She goes above and beyond. She shows her wisdom and passion while always expressing compassion. I would tell anyone who is looking for a holistic health program, not only to change their lives but the lives of others, this is it!!!


Valerie Marie, Classically trained homeopath, @the_natural_lass


Lindsey Wright, Classically trained homeopath

Well worth the time and money, Lindsey has experienced an education of a lifetime with the Practitioner Training program.

This course has been nothing short of extraordinary. This is the first course I have ever taken where I am actually thrilled to go to class and sad when I have to miss it. Heathar’s ability to guide the wisdom of these modalities into practical form is truly impressive. There is no amount of money that could equate to the transformative education you will receive from this course.

Tanya loved the community, support, unorthodox education and experiential, live student clinic cases. 

The Practitioner Training Program with Heathar Shepard is an incredible and unique Course. We dove into the deepest root causes of the diseases, best ways to support our immune system and how to fix the overall health in effective ways. The course combined lectures that are packed with invaluable knowledge about the homeopathic remedies and how to assess the cases, supplements that are helpful vs harmful, the sun's impact on our health as well as live, experiential cases in the student clinic. We also had a group chat where we could ask questions, share concerns and get insights from Heathar on a daily basis about homeopathy and a myriad of other topics that have an impact on health – from beauty products to various diseases. The Practitioner Training Program was a mix of fun and rigorous exercises and learning. It enabled me to become a true healer and help many people, including my family, as well as broaden my horizons about how our body really works. It was an amazing, eye-opening journey that I recommend to anyone who wants to address their health challenges or those of others, from a root place, rather than suppress. Heathar has over a decade of homeopathic experience that she has been sharing with us. The day of class was always my favorite day. Heathar’s course united a strong community of like-minded people who are very passionate and committed to health and healing!


Tanya Kormiltseva, Classically trained homeopath

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Heather Crimson, marriage & family therapist; classically trained homeopath

Heather appreciated the quality and gold standard education that The Practitioner Training Program offers.

Heathar's passion for and extensive knowledge of classical homeopathy combined with her years of experience working with clients and her caring and warm teaching style has made learning homeopathy a very gratifying experience. Her high standards help me to feel confident that I am receiving world-class training while thoroughly enjoying the process!

Heathar's clinical experience as well as her going the extra mile outside of class to answer questions was invaluable for Vanessa. 

The knowledge I gained regarding how to implement homeopathic medicine into my practice is tremendous. By taking this course you will understand how to treat the real root causes of chronic diseases, and how to truly reverse those diseases. I’ve gained knowledge on material medica, the levels of health, potencies, how to treat acute/chronic diseases & how to take cases to find the indicated remedy - the education was invaluable. Student clinic cases have given me first-hand real life training that has been extremely helpful. Heathar is a down to earth, easy going, flexible & compassionate teacher, who shares authentic clinical and life experience which adds to the learning experience. She is always willing to answer all our many questions with depth & honesty. Heathar has given me the tools and training necessary to be a confident homeopathic practitioner.

Vanessa website pic

Vanessa Baldwin, Classically trained homeopath