A diet created by nature proven for generations to prevent chronic disease


The Sunlight Diet: The OG ancestral diet


Today, we focus on the mechanical qualities of food when it comes to making our food choices.

Measuring ketones, counting carbs and calculating every piece of food that enters our mouths - this has become the new age way of eating. 

Of course, our ancient ancestors had a very different mindset around food than we do today.

Unlike modern humans, they never questioned the saturated fat, carbohydrate or cholesterol content of their foods. They didn’t worry if the foods they ate caused cancer or heart disease and they sure didn’t stress about whether they were eating too many calories. In fact, to them, especially with regard to growing children and women of childbearing age, the more calories consumed from nourishing animal fats and animal protein, the better. Because these nutrients ensured health, immunity and fertility, decreased the chance of birth defects and supported the continuation of life.

Over the past decade, the paleo, ketogenic (keto) and ancestral diet movements have encouraged millions to rekindle their ancestral food flames as a main path to health and healing. As a result, we now frequent more than ever before our farmers markets, food coops and organic grocery stores seeking the foods that have nourished us for centuries - - pastured meat, wild seafood, butter, bone broth, raw milk and animal fats have all made a   23-45-23 comeback.

However, despite all our vigilant dietary nose-to-tail efforts, many people still struggle with their health. While more and more modern people are all in when it comes to eating a more ancestral, wild and primal diet - going great efforts to buy organic, to focus on grass-fed and wild-caught animal fats and protein - they still struggle with poor health. 

This is because, we are missing the core essence of what makes an ancestral diet truly ancestral.

4 Core Componenets of The Sunlight Diet

Animal fat + Animal Protein

Seasonal Variation

Meal Timing

The Sunlight Rx

When you learn how to align your diet choices using these 4 core components - just as our ancient ancestors inherently did - you’re apt to experience huge health breakthroughs.

This includes long-term relief from all the stubborn health issues that you’ve been trying to figure out and desperately trying to overcome using every new diet trend, ridiculously expensive supplement protocol, new age genetic test and indulgence of rare superfoods eaten by Centenarians across the globe.

Yet, still you continue to fall short with your health goals.

The Sunlight Diet will Teach you How to:

Eat a truly ancestral diet so you can start to support not only your health breakthroughs but your energy levels, sleep quality, healing and regeneration pathways, inflammation levels, longevity and thereby prevent every single chronic disease that plagues the majority of our world today.

Align your dietary choices with sunlight availability and seasonal variability and will help you understand why it’s a vital part of health and healing.

Use sunlight to not only heal your body but to reduce inflammation, decrease histamine response, decrease food sensitivities and improve the health of your gut microbiome.

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What You'll Get

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The Sunlight diet includes:

  • How to individuate your diet
  • Foods to focus on during the spring, summer and fall months
  • Foods to focus on during the winter months
  • Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner meal examples
  • A Foods to Avoid list and why you should avoid certain foods
  • How to navigate food sensitivities and histamine reactions
  • How to use sunlight as a theraputic modality
  • How to determine which foods are best for you throughout the year
  • Food grade supplement suggestions + suggestions around supplements to avoid
  • Suggestions as to how to drink the healthiest, purest water
  • Indoor light protocol - teaching you how to protect your circadian biology when in front of a screen and when indoors
  • 50+ pages of content teaching you how to use light, diet and meal timing to support your health
  • A Resource List of my favorite Sunlight Diet resources

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