The Sunlight Rx Ebook

The Sunlight Rx Ebook

The Sunlight Rx = your healing superpower


Every successful healing plan must include sunlight.


When we leave sunlight out of the healing picture, we set the stage for continued disappointment with regard to our health goals.

By solely focusing on special diets, supplements and Rx drugs as the main path to health - - the current dominant paradigm pushed by functional medicine, alternative medicine and naturopathic doctors when it comes to healing - we set ourselves up for failure and disappointment.

The reason why sunlight is your biggest healing ally is very simple. Your physiology, hormones and metabolism depend on sunlight to function optimally.

That’s right

Vitamin D3 • dopamine • serotonin
• melatonin • thyroid hormone

Your body was ingeniously designed 3.5 billion years ago to produce all of these bio-chemicals needed for optimal health when your skin, eyes and gut are connected to sunlight.

Learning The Sunlight Rx is the single most effective practice to help boost hormone, metabolic, immune and gut health as it helps your body naturally restore and produce the chemicals, hormones and signaling your body needs to heal and be healthy.

Heathar Shepard sunning -

Unlock Knowledge

You can start accessing root causes and deficiencies that contribute to every single health epidemic today as soon as the next sunrise by purchasing your copy of The Sunlight Rx eBook.

Once you start this nature-based, truly holistic approach to recovering your health, you will likely be shocked at just how powerful The Sunlight Rx is to supporting your health!


The Sunlight Rx Ebook

How to use sunlight to prevent and recover from infectious and chronic disease & become a healing machine

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