The Sunlight Rx Workshop

The Sunlight Rx Ebook

A deep dive into the healing benefits of sunlight


Every cell in your body needs sunlight to produce energy, support detox pathways, produce gut bacteria and synthesize hormones.


The Sunlight Rx Worshop takes you on a deep dive into how to use the sun to support your health.

With over an hour of content, Heathar covers all the nuances around sunlight as a healing modality to help you deepen and expand your Sunlight Rx practice.

Weather you struggle with a chronic illness, want to improve your gut microbiome, are healing from a TBI, weather you have type II diabetes or struggle with hormone health, The Sunlight Rx Workshop is an invaluable resource, fueled by nature, that will deepen your healing in profound and effective ways.

What you'll get

  • The role of sunlight & health
  • Health benefits of tanning
  • Sunlight deficiency dangers
  • Sunlight & cancer risk (debunked)
  • Safe sunlight practices
  • A step-by-step walk through of The Sunlight Rx

After one week of practicing The Sunlight Rx, I made more forward movement healing my TBI than I had in the past decade trying endless alterntaive health modalities (only to continuously fall short). Learning the theraputic benefits of sunlight changed my life and health for the better and I continue to reap those benefits today.

~Heathar Shepard, author of The Sunlight Rx

Learning The Sunlight Rx is the single most effective practice to help boost hormone, metabolic, immune and gut health as it helps your body naturally restore and produce the chemicals, hormones and signaling your body needs to heal and be healthy.

The Sunlight Rx Workshop

A deep dive into The Sunlight Rx that teaches you everything you need to know about how to use sunlight to support your health.

Jen & Heathar | 4.16.22